Filament Devil Design PLA 1,75mm 1kg - Bright Green

Index: DEV-14099 EAN: 5902280030683

Bright orange filament for 3D printers and special printing pens. Made of easy to process PLA. Fully biodegradable. Obtained from renewable raw materials natural. Spools contain 1 kg of 1.75 mm diameter filament net.

Filament Devil Design PLA 1,75mm 1kg - Bright Green
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Manufacturer: Devil Design

Description: Devil Design PLA 1,75 mm 1 kg - Bright Green

PLA Filament termoplastic polyester in the form of fiberused for used for FFF 3D printing and printing pens.. Filament wound on a spool, vacuum packed with moisture absorber.


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Filament Devil Design  PLA 1,75mm 1kg Bright Green

Filament Devil Design PLA 1,75 mm 1 kg - Bright Green.

Spool contains 1 kg of the felt net. Can be used in all FFF printers unprotected against the use of filaments from an external supplier and open source designs. PLA is a biodegradable material, made from renewable natural resources. It is primarily dedicated to amateurs due to its trouble-free use.

Properties of PLA filament

  • Easy to print at low temperatures
  • Resistance to material warping
  • Biodegradability
  • Low odour intensity
  • Inexpensive and comes in many colour variations
  • It is not flammable
  • High strength
  • Totally waterproof

Suggested parameters for printing with the filament

Head temperature From 200°C to 235°C
Table temperature From 50°C to 60°C
Print cooling Recommended

Due to differences in construction of printers, the above data should be treated as guidelines, and the appropriate values should be determined experimentally.

Technical specification and physical properties of Devil Design PLA filament

Parameter Range
Filament diameter 1,75 mm
Dimensional tolerance of the felt +/- 0.05 mm
Roundness of the filament +/- 0,02 mm
Material surface Gloss
Material shrinkage Very low
Product weight 1.0 kg net, 1.36 kg gross
Spool material Transparent polycarbonate
Weight of empty spool ~ 250 g
Spool diameter 200 mm
Spool width ~ 70 mm
Mounting hole diameter 52 mm
Packaging Printed carton
Package dimensions ~ 205 x 205 x 80 mm
Vacuum packaging Yes
Moisture absorber Yes

Devil Design PLA Filament 1,75 mm 1 kg - Bright Green

PLA, or polylactide, or even more precisely polylactic acid, is most often produced from sugar cane or corn. It's distinguished by an extremely wide range of applications, from medicine, through packaging production, to 3D printing.

Devil Design PLA Filaments with a diameter of 1,75 mm and weight of 1 kg in Bright Green colour have excellent properties, which makes them especially recommended for beginners and 3D printing enthusiasts.

Check out the additional information about the PLA filament measuring 1.75 mm in 1 kg package from Devil Design

The density of the presented product is 1.24 g/cm³, and in turn, the elongation during rupture is equal to 160%. Softening temperature of the filament is about 50℃.

No large amount of unpleasant odor is emitted during the operation. In addition, PLA felt is characterized by low shrinkage. In practice, this means that even people with little experience can successfully undertake very complex projects.

Colour light green
Mass 1000 g
Filament - material PLA
Filament - diameter 1.75 mm
Laboratory of the future Compatible
Package width 20.2 cm
Package height 20.6 cm
Package depth 8 cm
Package weight 1.32 kg

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