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3D Printer - Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ - set for self-assembly

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Original 3D printer made by a well-known company Prusa, is designed to print elements with dimensions: 250 x 210 x 210 mm. Prusa MK3 has an upgraded extruder, a lot of sensors and a new magnetic desk with changeable plates from spring steel coated with PEI. The set consists of elements for self-assembly.

3D Printer - Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ - set for self-assembly
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Manufacturer: Prusa

Product description: 3D Printer - Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ - kit for self-assembly

Original 3D printer made by a well-known company Prusa, is designed to print elements with dimensions: 250 x 210 x 210 mm. Prusa MK3S+ has an upgraded extruder, a lot of sensors and a new magnetic desk with changeable plates from spring steel coated with PEI. The set consists of elements for self-assembly.

The subject of the sale is the original 3D Printer i3 MK3S+ by Prusa Research from the Czech Republic, founded by Josef Průša, one of the main developers of RepRap.

Prusa printers have collected great reviews and awards from all around the world. Oiginal Prusa i3 MK2 is the winner of the 3D Printer Shootout 2017 and 2018 of the prestigious journal MAKE: and for more than a year has been the best desktop 3D printer by 3Dhubs,com Trends MK2S, it is also the best 3D printer for 2018 in the category "workhorse" according to the guidebooks 3DHubs.com with a score of 9.3 (best rated printer).

Prusa - nagrody

New Prusa MK3S+ is even better, thanks to improved extruder, a new filament sensor and magnetic heatbed with plates made of spring steel.

Feature list of Prusa MK3S+ Priter
New features

Basic features

Removable, magnetic surface for printing with PEI Large print area - 25 x 21 x 21 cm
New motherboard EINSY Rambo LCD display with memory card reader (8 GB SD card included)
Quiet Trinamic drivers - 256 steps. Nozzle 0.4 mm for 1.75 mm filament
Quick print: 200+ mm/sec Layer height of 0.05 mm
Reset X and Y axis without sensors

Automatic alignment of pre-heated table

Identifying and preventing movement of the layers

Heated table with compensation of cold corners without curling the 3D prints from any material

Increased rigidity of the frame in extruded aluminium Automatic compensation of axis distortion
Detection of lack of power and auto-resume Service-free print size PEI
Better, two-sided cooling of printing Supported materials: PLA, ABS, PET, HIPS, PP, Flex, Ninjaflex, Laywood, Laybrick, Nylon, Bamboofill, Bronzefill, ASA, T-Glase, filaments fiber-reinforced, polycarbonate...
Optional wi-fi interface Octoprint Easy color layer printing
Bondtech extruder with gears - filament is held from two sides 1 kg silver filament PLA in the kit
Optical sensor of the filament with determination of the presence and movement of material

Automatic loading of filament when its tip discovered

Detection of blocked nozzle with pausing printing

Cooling fan and extruder have speed sensors. When the fan of the extruder stops, the printer stops printing to avoid damage.

Super-quiet fan Noctua

The SupePINDA with built-in thermistors - faster temperature calibration

Ambient temperature sensor

Removable heatbed

The printer is equipped with a new magnetic Desk MK52 that has a removable heatbed made of spring steel, covered with a smooth layer of PEI.

Removable magnetic Desk in the original 3D printer Prusa i3 MK52.

More stable frame

The new frame is on the Y-axis is made of aluminum profiles, providing greater rigidity. Milled frame from duraluminim was also optimized for field work by adding 10 mm along the axis C - axis C range is 210 mm.

Aluminum frame made of Duraluminim.

Quick and quiet printing

New drivers Trinamic 2130 and fan Noctua make the MK3S+ printer very quiet in the Stealth mode, but even in normal mode it is quieter than 99% of commercially available printers. In normal mode, it also has an increased print speed, now it can reach even more than 200 mm/sec.

3D printer Prusa i3 MK3S+ - quiet and fast.

Power Panic

MK3S+ can resume printing after a total loss of power. Detects a break in power supply and disables the heating table and the extruder, after the resumption of power it resumes printing.

Mode of resuming printing after power loss.

Filament sensor

The optical filamentu sensor detects not only its presence but also its movement. Prusa MK3S+ can detect the tip of the filament, pause the print and ask the user to load a new coil. It can also detect the lock of filament in the nozzle and repoty the need for its restoration.

Filament sensor in Prusa i3, MK3S+.

Recover shifter layers

The new EINSY RAMBo motherboard with Trinamic drivers not only makes the MK3S+ extremely quiet but it also can detect skipped steps and layer shifting. You can say goodbye to messy prints!

In addition, the motherboard has special inputs to connect the Raspberry Pi Zero, expanding the function of the printer with the wi-fi interface OctoPrint.

New motherboard EINSY Rambo in MK3S+.

Bondtech Extruder

The printer has an upgraded Bondtech drive gear. It grips the filament from both sides, increasing the push force and making the printer more reliable, especially for flexible filaments. Also, the print cooling fan now cools part from two sides, increasing the overall performance.

Upgraded Bondtech extruder.

E3D V6 Nozzle

E3D V6 is market-leading all metal hotend well known for its high-temperature performance. MK3S+ uses a custom heatbreak developed together with E3D. It has proven well its reliability in our Multi Material upgrade and continues to deliver great performance in surprisingly small form factor.

Nozzle E3D V6 in the original 3D printers Prusa MK3S+.

Probe SuperPINDA in 3D printer Prusa i3 MK3S+

TheSuperPINDA leveling sensorhas been designed to be as insensitive as possible to temperature changes. The advanced design and the highest quality sensor allowed to eliminate the thermistor from the sensor design. SuperPINDA ensures that the first layer of the model will always be printed the same.

Drukarka Prusa MK3S+ z sondą SuperPINDA

Prusa MK3S+ printer with SuperPINDA probe.

Misumi bearings on the MK3S +

MetalMisumi bearinghousings provide a stable support for the printer and are easy to install. Improved design solutions in the X-axisbelt tensioning mechanismand the reinforcement of the plastic X-axis endings increase the precision of the device. Theextruderwas adapted to the printing of flexible filametes.

Łożyska Misumi w MK3S+

Misumi Bearings in MK3S+.

Improvements that make your work easier

The Prusa MK3S + includes a number of improvements that make printing easier.The device uses sensationalGates straps.TheEinsy housingmakes it easy to connect the Raspbery Pi.An anti-corrosion coating on thesteel platesincreases the life of this printer component.

Szereg funkcji ułatwiających pracę

Advanced components that increase the quality of work

The device was fully assembled by the manufacturer. In our offer there is also a printer Prusa MK3S+ for self-assembly.

Why choose Original Prusa I3?

  • Excellent support - Prusa provides full support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via Live Chat and email in several languages.
  • The best installation instructions - extensive and colorful instructions greatly facilitate and accelerate the installation of the printer.
  • The possibility of improving the printer - it can be improved to the newest version, without having to buy a whole new printer.
  • Mounting is fun - you will understand the basics of design and you will get a huge advantage in solving potential problems and part exchanges.
  • Settings are ready for immediate printing - Prusa provides high quality print options and develops its own software for cutting patterns into layers.
  • Quality is guaranteed by Josef Prusa - Prusa Research is a 3D printing company from Prague in the Czech Republic. It was founded in 2012 by Josef Prusa, one of the fathers of the RepRap movement, as a one-person startup and it has managed to grow to more than 160 people.

Technical specification
Printing method:


Print size: 250 x 210 x 200 mm
Nozzle temperature: max 300 °C
Temperature of desktop: max. 120 °C
Nozzle diameter: standard: 0.4 mm
Precision printing:

10 x 10 x 5 microns

Height of layer

from 0.05 mm to 0.45 mm

Print speed: 200+ mm/sec
Supported filaments: PLA, ABS, PET, HIPS, PP, Flex, Ninjaflex, Laywood, Laybrick, Nylon, Bamboofill, Bronzefill, ASA, T-Glase, fiber-reinforced, polycarbonate filaments...
Diameter of filament: 1.75 mm
Display: LCD
Software: Cura, KISSlicer, Simplify3D, Slic3r
Mode of operation:

Online or from the SD card

File format:

STJL, obj, jpg


automatic calibration of the axes XYZ at 9 points / axis correction table

Number of extruders:


Filament sensor:


Power Panic:


Compatible with OctoPrint:


Additional sensors: 4 thermistors, fan speed sensors , offset layers
Features: Gears Bondtech, Noctua fan, super quiet the Trinamic drivers
Print surface magnetic gesk with changeable heatbed from spring steel with PEI
Power supply: from 110 V-220 V (AC - AC)
The dimensions of the printer: 419 x 419 x 381 mm
Weight: 6.35 kg


You should always make sure that the seal in the first layer is adjacent to the top!

More information can be found in the video.


  • Printer (assembled)
  • 1kg silver filament PLA
  • 8GB SD card

Materials were borrowed from: https://pl.prusa3d.com/

3D - print surface 250 x 210 x 200 mm
3D - type of printout FFF/FDM
3D - accuracy of printing 0.1 mm
3D - hotend amount 1
3D - filament diameter 1.75 mm
3D - printing speed 200 mm/s
3D - printing thickness 0.05 - 0.35 mm
3D - nozzle temp 300 °C
3D - table temp. 120 °C
Package width 42 cm
Package height 43 cm
Package depth 25 cm
Package weight 11.8 kg

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3D Printer - Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ - set for self-assembly


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Manuel 18.12.2023 Confirmed purchase Translated review
The product is top from Prusa. I would give it 5 stars but since they put a premium on the printer, 1 point is deducted. Prusa products are the best 3D printers in their class. Cheaper printers can't do anything, more expensive printers are therefore three times as expensive. We have 20 of them in use and also MK4, so we know what we're talking about. Our printers run 200-250 days a year and there is rarely anything to complain about.
Artur 18.07.2023 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Another cool toy
Alina 27.06.2023 Confirmed purchase Translated review
thank you very much on behalf of my Dreamer and the Mam Marzenie Foundation for the quick fulfillment of my dream and packing the gadgets that made me happy. The product rating is very good.
Jaroslaw 12.04.2023 Confirmed purchase Translated review
I was a little afraid to take the kit for self-assembly due to the fact that it is my first 3D printer. But I must admit that the manual is written really well with attention to detail. I folded the printer for 3 days, where two days for the assembly itself and the last day for calibration and testing. One note is take your time because it's easy to skip key instructions and spread it out over more days. In my opinion, the prints come out really decent and I'm glad that I got to know its structure during folding.
Adam 26.01.2023 Confirmed purchase Translated review
The quality of the printed elements in the Prusa set leaves much to be desired compared to the ender 3 whose elements are incomparably better. So the quality for the price is not great. The standard appearance of the printer itself as a solid. Usability comparable to the ender.
Krzysztof 15.12.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
It takes a little patience and a few or several hours to put everything together. Then calibrate and that's it. It has been printing for several days without any problems and without the need for settings. Cool!
Grzegorz S. 26.10.2021 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Easy to assemble, understandable menu. Good for the first printer.
Dionizy Ś. 02.03.2021 Confirmed purchase Translated review
This is my first 3D printer. The purchased version for self-assembly is a good starting solution and allowed me to get acquainted with the construction of the device - which will bring positive results in the further maintenance of the printer. The device itself and all elements are very well made. The manual for the device is great and allows you to go through the assembly process without any problems. The print quality is very good - I had the opportunity to compare my printouts with those of people who have other devices. After the first few weeks of using the device, I am completely satisfied.
Wojciech 30.01.2023 Confirmed purchase

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