Tamiya 72002 High-Speed Gearbox Kit

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The transmission allows you to set the gear ratio to 11.6:1 or 18:1. Which allows you to get 870 and 560 RPM respectively.

Tamiya 72002 High-Speed Gearbox Kit
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Description: Tamiya 72002 - High-Speed Transmission

The kit allows you to achieve high speeds. The user can choose from the following configurations:

Przekładnia wysokoobrotowa do montażu

Tamiya 72002 - High-Speed type gearbox.

Gear ratio




870 rpm

0.16 kg*cm
15.8 mNm


560rpm 0.23 kg*cm
(22.9 mNm)

The given parameters are calculated for idling without taking into account the losses of the gearbox.

Technical data of the Tamiya 72002 gearbox

  • Supply voltage: 3 V to 6 V
  • Shaft: 4 mm round
  • Possible ratios: 11.6:1 or 18:1
  • Motor speed: 9600 rpm
  • Motor: Mabuchi RE-260 ( documentation)


  • RE-260 motor
  • Gearbox housing
  • Belt pulleys
  • Clamping shafts
  • Gear set
  • Mounting glue
  • Set of nuts and bolts
  • Allen wrench
  • English assembly instructions


The kit is compatible with other Tamiya parts. For example, you can put Tamiya sport wheels directly on the gear shafts.

To control the motors you can use modules with DC motor controllers available in our offer. The controllers can be controlled using runtime kits (e.g. Arduino, STM32Discovery or Rasbperry Pi minicomputer).

If you use your own PCB, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of controllers in the form of integrated circuits in packages for surface mount and through-hole soldering.

Voltage to 3.0 V
Voltage from 6.0 V
Rotation speed 9600 obr/min
Motor - shaft 4 mm
Package width 0 cm
Package weight 0.131 kg

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