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Print glue Asnare UFA - 190ml

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Adhesive preparation from Asnare. The glue is universal and can work with most filaments available on the market. The product has a separate applicator that makes it much easier to apply the preparation to the 3D printer's work table. The capacity of the package is 190 ml .
Print glue Asnare UFA - 190ml
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Manufacturer: Asnare

Product description: Asnare UFA printing glue - 190 ml

A preparation from Asnare that improves the adhesion of the first layer of 3D printing. The glue is universal and can work with most filaments available on the market. Its use is recommended especially when working with materials with high shrinkage, which are more susceptible to undesirable distortions. What distinguishes the Asnare product from other printing adhesives is a separate applicator , which makes applying the preparation onto the 3D printer's work table much easier. The applicator sponge can be easily cleaned with warm water. The capacity of the package is 190 ml .

Asnare UFA printing glue - 190 ml.

The product contains a convenient applicator with a capacity of 40 ml.

How to use Asnare UFA printing glue?

  • Shake the glue thoroughly before each use
  • Before first use, press the applicator onto a flat surface and hold for about 10 seconds
  • Apply a thin layer of the preparation to the surface of the work table
  • Store the glue in a vertical position, with the cap closed
  • To refill the applicator, unscrew it from the bottom. The easiest way is to use a coin that fits into a specially designed recess
  • If the preparation has not been used for a long time, clean the applicator by rinsing it with warm water

Adhesives in 3D printing

If we do not take proper care of, among others: o solidly attaching the printed elements to the 3D printer table, the results may not be entirely satisfactory. The purpose of adhesive coatings is to improve the adhesion of layers and minimize the risk of print detachment during printing. They also reduce material shrinkage, preventing deformation and non-compliance with the model. Adhesives also improve the process of removing the print from the build platform.

Adhesive preparation produced by Asnare.

UFA glue can work with most filaments available on the market.

Technical specifications of Asnare UFA printing adhesive

  • Type: 3D printing glue
  • Purpose: universal
  • Dosing method: applicator with a sponge
  • Color: colorless
  • Packaging capacity: 150 ml + 40 ml

Package width 10 cm
Package height 16.5 cm
Package depth 5 cm
Package weight 0.236 kg

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