Little Bits Workshop Set - LittleBits starter kit
Little Bits Workshop Set - LittleBits starter kit
Little Bits Workshop Set - LittleBits starter kit
Little Bits Workshop Set - LittleBits starter kit
Little Bits Workshop Set - LittleBits starter kit - zdjęcie 1
Little Bits Workshop Set - LittleBits starter kit - zdjęcie 2
Little Bits Workshop Set - LittleBits starter kit - zdjęcie 3
Little Bits Workshop Set - LittleBits starter kit - zdjęcie 4

Little Bits Workshop Set - LittleBits starter kit

Index: ROB-12237

LittleBits are electronic learning sets that develop creativity and logical thinking skills. They do not require cables, soldering or programming. They consist of blocks connected by magnets. The Workshop Set includes 160 bits and 178 accessories. Designed for 16 people or 8 double groups. Included case for easy storage and carrying.

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LittleBits are electronic learning sets that develop creativity and logical thinking skills. They do not requirecables, soldering or programming.They consist ofblocksconnected by magnets.TheWorkshop Setincludes 160bits and 178 accessories.Designed for16 people or 8doublegroups.

LittleBitsSTEAMStudent Setdesigned in cooperation with teachers guides students according to the curriculum. It has engaging challenges based on the included textbook, but does not require prior experience. It is designed for 16 people or 8 groups of two. It stimulates creativity and develops unconventional thinking.

Main features of the set

  • Designed for 8 groups of 2 or 16 people
  • Bits e.g. latch or threshold require logical thinking
  • Invention creation guide: for groups and for the teacher in electronic version
  • 160 bits and 178 accessories
  • Official suitcase for easy storage and transport
  • No experience required, ideal for beginners
  • Compatible with other LittleBits sets


  • Bits
    • 8 x Button
    • 8 x DC Motor
    • 8 x Fork
    • 8 x Latch
    • 8 x Long LED
    • 8 x Power
    • 8 x Pulse
    • 8 x Servo
    • 8 x Temperature Sensor
    • 16 x Wire
    • 8 x Buzzer
    • 8 x Fsn
    • 8 x Inverter
    • 8 x Light Sensor
    • 8 x Number
    • 8 x Pressure Sensor
    • 8 x RGB LED
    • 8 x Slide Dimmer
    • 8 x Threshold
  • Accessories
    • 8 x battery + cable
    • 1 x Getting Started with LittleBits
    • 8 x Mountibg Boards
    • 120 x SHoes
    • 8 x Brick Adapter
    • 16 x MotorMate
    • 16 x Screwdriver
    • 1 x suitcase

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