Robot Line Follower 3pi - Pololu 975

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Educational robot line follower Pololu 3pi. Great platform to start your adventure with robotics and programming. The heart of the robot is a popular microcontroller AVR Atmega328.

Robot Line Follower 3pi - Pololu 975
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Robot Pololu 3pi learning platform, whose main objective is to follow the black line on a white background (line follower). Exemplary features of 3pi can be seen in the video in the further part of the description.


The drive of the robot are, used in the fastest robots in Europe, twomicro-motors, Pololu 30:1. The heart of the design is a popular AVR microcontrollerAtmega328used in Arduino modules. To distinguish colors of the floor, there are reflective sensors connected to the analog outputs of the controlling microcontroller. The user interface represent a button with alphanumericLCD display. The robot is powered by fourAAA batteries.


Video with exemplary functins of 3pi robot.

The 3pi robot is a perfect solution for people who want to learn programming and at the same time to relax while developing the electronic circuits, as well as the selection and installation of the mechanical parts. The design will explore opportunities offered by the microcontrollers of the Atmega series, to learn all the intricacies of programming in C or BASCOM AVR.



To download the software, you can use one of the existing AVR programmer. The Pololu 3pi robot uses Kanda ISP connector 6pin, most popular programmers have 10 pin ISP connector. In our offer you can find an adapter to connect the system with a standard connector 10-pin plug.







Package width 0.001 cm
Package height 0.001 cm
Package depth 0.001 cm
Package weight 0.001 kg

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