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Pololu 3pi line follower

Mini line follower robots are very practical devices that have been pleasing robotics enthusiasts for many years. Robots of this type can follow a line drawn or glued on a given substrate with great precision. Programming a simple robot movement algorithm requires only basic, easy-to-learn programming knowledge. However, building and programming a structure optimized in terms of speed and reliability of the robot's route will require much more work and skills. However, you have to start somewhere.

The Pololu 3pi is the perfect robot for both complete beginners and those who already have experience in programming and using programmable electronics such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi. In other words, everyone will find something in the Pololu robot that they like. In this category you will find the highest quality line follower robots (Pololu 3pi version) that will allow you to enter the world of mobile robotics quickly and pleasantly. Check out our products below and choose one for you right now!

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Robot Line Follower m3pi - mbed - Pololu 2151

Educational robot line follower Pololu 3pi. Excellent learning platform with the possibility of using microcontroller LPC by the company NXP Cortex - mbed.
Index: PLL-00501
Index: PLL-00501
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Pololu 3p – robotic madness

At first look, Pololu 3pi may seem like an ordinary riding, line-follower robot. But after all, the first look may be a little surprise here. The device has side wheels, the whole is circular. In the middle we see a monitor and batteries. However, as soon as you start using your Pololu 3pi robot, you'll quickly find that first impressions are often very wrong.

The construction of the Pololu 3pi robot provides it with a great degree of maneuverability. Designers from Pololu have decided to create a symmetrical, circular structure with drive wheels placed exactly on the diameter of the printed circuit board. The main Pololu's PCB is also the assembly base for the entire robot. As a result, these neat mini-robots are able to rotate around their axis on the spot. They can make sudden sharp turns without any problems.

Maximum maneuverability and the ability to rotate around its axis (360 degrees) are key parameters for line follower robots, because the robot must be prepared for any eventuality during the route. Steep bends, u-turns, and other adventures are no problem for the line follower robot.

When it comes to the drive, the Pololu has two efficient motors with Pololu HP 30: 1 gearboxes. These structures have already been tested in practice as they powered the fastest line follower robots in Europe. The support of the structure is made of a light, plastic ball. Symmetrically placed batteries (two at the front and two at the rear) ensure a well-balanced load on the base of the robot. The weight is distributed optimally and ensures minimal inertia during racing driving.

Pololu 3pi – compatibility with Arduino

The basic version of Pololu 3pi is based on the AVR ATmega328 microcontroller. Thanks to this, the device is fully compatible with the popular Arduino IDE programming environment. In the standard version, Pololu robots are equipped with up to 5 reflection sensors. The sensors are connected to the PC0 - PC6 inputs of the microcontroller. Designers decided on such a solution to enable reading not only simple logical states (0 - 1) of sensor outputs, but also to facilitate the reading of light reflected from the ground by the robot.

As a result, Pololu 3pi is a machine that will work in many applications, but most importantly - it can be expanded. You can choose to expand the control algorithms to improve the sensitivity and reliability of line detection in difficult lighting conditions. Pololu 3pi mini robots are already pre-assembled, so you don't have to worry about self-assembly. Immediately after unpacking the robot, you can enjoy its capabilities and start programming your control algorithms.

Pololu 3pi – not a classic line follower robot

Although Pololu 3pi robots are not typical assembly kits, on the other hand, you will have no problem with expanding the robot. You can add various elements to it as you like.

The Pololu 3pi line follower robot is also an excellent equipment for people who want to develop in programming and use not only Arduino, but also more advanced microcontrollers. If you need more space for additional elements and modules, this solution is for you.

In the Botland store you will find the Pololu 3pi mini robots also in a version compatible with the mbed programming platform. In this version, on the top PCB of the robot you will find a special slot where you can place additional modules such as LPC1768 or LPC11U24. In this way, the Pololu robot will gain even more possibilities. Also remember that in addition to the line follower mode, the Pololu 3pi can work as a maze mouse or remote control vehicles. It all depends on your imagination and what additional modules you choose. Choose a robot now that is sure to give you a lot of fun!