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DJI educational robots

The DJI company is a world leader in the production of drones, but the scope of the manufacturer's activity goes beyond flying machines. DJI also develops technologically advanced robots, including educational robots.

Educational robots made by DJI company are full-fledged robots that will allow you to understand the practical elements of mathematics, physics and programming. The way in which they are designed makes users learn new math rules and programming commands in a very accessible way.

The robots are dedicated to children of different ages depending on the specific model. Using this type of equipment means learning while having fun (and vice versa!). Certainly, the purchase of such a moving robot will have a positive effect on the user's design abilities and will awaken the creativity that is so valuable nowadays.

DJI educational robots are ideal products that can be given to both hobbyists, children to give them the opportunity to learn programming and math in a more accessible way, and professionals who are interested in robotics in all its forms. Advanced design and dedicated software that can be modified at the user level are other advantages of this solution. They make DJI educational robots products with great educational potential. Choose the best robot for yourself or your loved ones now!

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DJI RoboMaster S1 - gel beads for robot - 2 bottles

Gel beads for the DJI RoboMaster S1 acting as cartridges for the robot gun . The balls have a specific color , which gives the effect of trajectory of flight, right after...
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Index: INN-15788
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DJI RoboMaster S1 - educational robot

The kit consists of elements for self-assembly of the DJI brand robot. RoboMaster allows users to understand science, mathematics, physics, programming and other issues...
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Index: AKR-15663
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DJI RoboMaster S1 – the masterwork on wheels

The most famous DJI design is the RoboMaster. The modular structure of the RoboMaster S1 robot allows it to be built "element by element". The user is able to build a robot himself, using the prepared set of mechanical and technological segments, including all screws and wires.

The built-in processor in the RoboMaster S1 has very high computing power. It can easily handle image transmissions from the on-board camera while ensuring the highest image quality and low latency. At the same time, the robot is able - completely alone - to skillfully negotiate even the most curved parts of the track.

The design was equipped with a number of advanced sensors. The DJI RoboMaster S1 robot responds to sent commands immediately. Using the installed LEDs, you can determine the trajectory of missiles ... that's it! What will surely appeal to the youngest (but not only to them) is that the robot is equipped with a gel ball launcher. It is able to fire extremely precisely in a programmed direction. The field of fire is examined by analyzing the infrared rays emitted by the Blaster IR diodes.

RobotMaster S1 is equipped with innovative mecanum wheels that allow it to move along any axis. The 2-axis motorized gimbal with a brushless motor allows for fine adjustment of the FPV camera tilt angle over a wide range of rotation and tilt. Intelligent controller and sensing armor, lots of sensors are additional advantages of this device. The built-in high-performance motor (M3508I brushless motor) uses linear Hall sensors, and the advanced control system with closed feedback allows the robot to move safely, quickly, very precisely and stably. The RoboMaster is a real masterwork in its category.

Learn programming with a robot – for advanced and beginners

The RoboMaster S1 robot is a combination of the digital world and the real world around us. The DJI robot uses the Scratch and Python programming languages. Thanks to this, the user has the opportunity to learn the basics of mathematics, physics and various technical sciences in an innovative and inspiring way. It is a friendly solution for both beginners in the world of embedded systems programming and for more experienced people. Using the DJI educational robot, anyone who wants to will be able to develop their programming skills and create objects based on artificial intelligence. Of course, this robot has even more advantages (e.g. recognizing human movements and following a selected user). Be sure to check the information in the product card.

DJI educational robot – the perfect gift for everyone

Educational robots are a great gift idea for children. In the case of technologically advanced DJI robots - they can also be given to adult robotics enthusiasts. These products are very versatile. The highest quality of workmanship makes you love them from the first use, and interactions and fun with these robots will become a permanent part of the canon of your everyday interactions!

Educational opportunities certainly deserve attention. Playing with the DJI robot is very valuable as it develops practical skills related to math, programming and even physics. Buying such a ready-to-use robot can be a great first step to further learning the ins and outs of robotics and automation.