FORBOT KIT - STM32F4 Discovery - set of elements + ON-LINE course

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The set includes the master card STM32F411E-Disco - Discovery with ARM Cortex M4 32-bit and electronic components: OLED display, wires, encoder, joystick and converter and USB cable. The course on-line available on the website Forbot.pl is conducted on the basis of these devices.

FORBOT KIT - STM32F4 Discovery - set of elements + ON-LINE course
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The set includes the master card STM32F411E-Disco - Discovery with ARM Cortex M4 32-bit and electronic components: OLED display, wires, encoder, joystick and converter and USB cable.  All Packed in a plastic chest. The course on-line available on the website Forbot.pl is conducted on the basis of these devices.

The kit also includes aunique code, by which, in particular:

  • you can confirm the originality of the product
  • you will receive information about the latest news and updates on the course
  • in the future, you will get access to new content and quick help on the forum.


Go to the free course

The course is conducted based on those elements, on the Forbot.pl. In our offer, you will find also other sets to which lessons on this portal are conducted


The outline of the course

The course was divided into parts, which will be published regularly during the coming weeks.


L. p. The name of the episode Status
1 Time to meet HAL, the content of the course Available
2 Required tools: HAL, STM32CubeMX Available
3 Equipment, setting up the environment Available
4 The first project, GPIO, interruptions Available
5 Voltage measurement (ADC), DMA, STMStudio Available
6 Counters, setting the clock, the debugger Available
7 Communication via UART Available
8 Advanced functions of the meters Available
9 Operation on I2C, accelerometer Available
10 Operation on SPI, OLED display Available
11 Communication via USB Available
12 Programming via bootloader Available
13 The summary of course Available

 Kurs STM32F4 Discovery - zestaw elementów


All this is packed in a plastic chest facilitating the moving of the set.


The contents of the set

Set includes electronic components, thanks to which you will be able to perform in practice all the exercises. All parts are supplied in the sachets, which are placed in convenient, universal chest.


No. Photo Description
1 STM32F411E-Disco - Discovery - kit based on microcontroller STM32F411VET6 Cortex-M4F 32-bit  from company ARM. Board also has 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope, audio tools: microphone and DAC, as well as the programmer/debugger ST-LINK/V2.
2 Thumb Joystick with button - has the ability to detect movement in two directions, and the button is activated by pressing the handle.
3 OLED display, 0.95" 96x64px- colorful OLED-display with a diagonal of 0.95 " and a resolution of 96 x 64 px. The screen is based on SSD1331 driver, works with voltages of 3.3 V and 5 V, communication via SPI.
4 The rotation sensor, pulsator, encoder with a button - knob in the form of encoder along with a button, allows you to create a simple user interface. Works with voltages from 3 V to 5.3 V.
5 Converter USB to UART PL2303- provides a communication between the serial interfaces USB and UART. Allows you to communicate between computer and microcontroller. The module is based on PL2303 circuit, the system is visible as a virtual COM port.
6 Female-to-female wires 20 cm- 40 PCs of multi-colored connecting wires with a length of 20 cm, ending, from both sides, with the female connector.
7 Cable microUSB B- used to connect computer with devices equipped with a microUSB B slots.
8 Cable miniUSB B- it is used to connect computer with devices equipped with miniUSB-B slots.
9 GCL15 black knob - the knob of the encoder.
10 A chest for carrying items of kit.
11 Gadgets from Forbot.pl.



StarterKit - module STM32 Discovery
StarterKit - subject STM32
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