BleBox AirSensor - wireless PM10 and PM2.5 air quality sensor

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Complete module for detecting the presence of harmful dust inside the house as well as outdoors. It detects PM10 and PM2.5 dust. It can be supplied with voltage from 12V to 24V or with a USB connector. The device has colored diodes indicating the current air quality. With the wBox app, you can check the air quality in the bedroom, the children's room, or outdoors from any place in the world.

BleBox AirSensor - wireless PM10 and PM2.5 air quality sensor
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Complete module for detecting the presence of harmful dust inside the house as well as outdoors. It detectsPM10 and PM2.5dust. It can be supplied with voltage from 12V to 24Vor with aUSB connector. The device hascolored diodes indicating the current air quality. With thefree of charge wBox app, you can check the air quality in the bedroom, the children's room, or outdoors from any place in the world. BleBox AirSensor will make a great addition to your house, helping your control the quality of air you breath in. 

BleBox airSensor - bezprzewodowy czujnik jakości powietrza


Before you begin wiring, make sure that power supply is cut off. The device has IP32 waterproof protection class, it must be installed in a place protected from bad weather conditions. The device must be installed in a stable position and correctly oriented (accoridng to the inscriptions on the body).

In order to connect the wires you need to first remove the case by levering it. It can be powered via 5V USB port, located on the left side of the plate or via an AC adapter 12V / 24V, connected with wires to the right side of the tile (the polarity does not matter). After device startup, the LEDs should be white for a few seconds, then change the color depending on air quality. If the LED stays white, this means there is a sensor error, in this case you need to check the wiring.


Do not connect the power sensor to the USB connector and power strip at the same time, it can damage the sensor.

Measurement data

The information from the air quality sensor are presented on the controller home screen (wBox app). The current status is displayed at the top of the screen in the form of a colored, animated icons and speech status, as well as signal coloured LEDs built-in in the device:

  • intense green color: very good
  • light green:good
  • pale yellow: medium
  • dark yellow: decent
  • bright red: bad
  • intense red: very bad

There is a table in the bottom part of the screen with numeric values of dust concentration. The concentration value is colored according to the extent of exceeding the norms as shown in the scale above and are presented in percentage values in brackets. The changing tendecy is also displayed in a form of an arrow facing up or down. The tendency appears ony after one hour of the sensor's operation.


The last measured value updated every 10 minutes is displayed at the very bottom of the screen. You can command a new measurement with the button "Update".


  • Power supply: from 12V to 24V or 5V (USB)
  • Power supply at rest: 1W
  • Power supply when active: 2W
  • Classification of particles:
    • PM1: from 0.3µm to 1.0µm
    • PM2.5: from 1.0µm to 2.5µm
    • PM10: from 2.5µm to 10µm
  • Measurement accuracy:
    • 50% for particles of 0.3µm
    • 98% for particles from 0.5µm
  • The effective range of detection: for PM2.5 0µg/m3 to 500µg/m3
  • Detection solution: 1µg/m3
  • Response time: less than 10 seconds.
  • Sensor type: laser, PMS5003
  • Indication of air quality: numerical and graphical in wBox app and color changing LEDs
  • Working temperature: from -10°C to 60°C
  • Operating humidity: 0% to 99 %
  • Degree of protection: IP32
  • Dimensions: 71 x 71 x 27mm
  • Mounting: screws, mounting anchors, double sided tape

Sensor - service ready-to-use device
Smart Home Air quality sensor
Package width 7.35 cm
Package height 3.024 cm
Package depth 7.434 cm
Package weight 0.09 kg

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BleBox AirSensor - wireless PM10 and PM2.5 air quality sensor


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The sensor is doing well, the white color will not suit everyone. Outdoor installation away from the rain.

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