Soldering tip - type 900M T-0.8D

Index: LUT-09617 EAN: 5904422313685

Tip for soldering station bevel type 900M-T-0,8 D, works, among others, with stations: 936, 937, 803, 968, 909 etc.

Soldering tip - type 900M T-0.8D
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Tip for soldering station bevel type 900M-T-0,8 D, works, among others, with stations:

  • 936A Zhaoxin
  • 936D Zhaoxin
  • 868D Zhaoxin
  • 898D Zhaoxin
  • 852D Zhaoxin
  • 852 Zhaoxin
  • all stations produced by Zhaoxin(Zaoxin)
  • Aoyue 936/PT/WEP/Yihua
  • Aoyue 937/PT/WEP/Yihua
  • 937+ Aoyue/PT/WEP/Yihua
  • Aoyue 909/PT/WEP/Yihua
  • Aoyue 968/PT/WEP/Yihua
  • 853K Aoyue/PT/WEP/Yihua
  • 803 Aoyue/PT/WEP/Yihua
  • Aoyue 738/PT/WEP/Yihua
  • Aoyue 768/PT/WEP/Yihua
  • and all other similar models Aoyue/PT/WEP/Yihua
Package width 3 cm
Package height 0.5 cm
Package depth 6 cm
Package weight 0.006 kg

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Soldering tip - type 900M T-0.8D


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Maciej 12.02.2023 Confirmed purchase Translated review
very good
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about 5 stars
Marian 10.10.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Marek C. 27.09.2021 Confirmed purchase Translated review
As usual, on time and in accordance with the order.

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