Precision potentiometer, multi-turn 20kΩ

Index: PAS-00846 EAN: 5904422372934

Potentiometer POT2218P-20K: wire, precision, multi-turn, 2 W. 20 kΩ, ±5%.

Precision potentiometer, multi-turn 20kΩ
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Product description: Precision potentiometer, multi-turn 20kΩ 10 rpm.

Potentiometer POT2218P-20K: wire, precision, multi-turn, 2 W. 20 kΩ, ±5%.

Precision potentiometer specifications

  • Power: 2 W
  • Resistance: 20 kΩ
  • Tolerance: ±5 %.
  • Body dimensions: Ø22 x 18 mm
  • Number of turns: 10
  • Axis length: 13 mm
  • Linearity tolerance: ±0.25 %
  • Insulation resistance: min. 1000 MΩ
  • Operating temperature: -55 - 125 °C
  • Axis diameter: 6.3 mm
  • Mounting thread: M9 x 0.75

Potencjometr precyzyjnyPrecision multi-turn potentiometer

Precision multi-turn potentiometer 20 kΩ 10 RPM

We offer a precision multi-turn potentiometer with a resistance of 20 kΩ.

Tolerance of the component is ±5 %, and the maximum power that the potentiometer can take is 2 W. The dimensions of the device, which is shaped like a cylinder, are 22 mm in diameter and 18 mm in height.

The multi-turn potentiometer is capable of putting up resistance up to 20 kΩ, smoothly decreasing it over the space of 10 turns, the tolerance of its linearity of resistance changes is within ±0.25 %.

Rotary potentiometer 20K

The user is safe during operation and can operate the knob by himself, because the insulation resistance of the potentiometer is at least 1000 MΩ. Ambient atmospheric conditions have little effect on the operation of this component - it will operate without any problems at temperatures from -55 °C to 125 °C.

This is a component that will be useful to practically every electronics engineer - both for testing various equipment and for installation in the final project.

Precision 20 kΩ rotary potentiometer

Multiturnpotentiometer in a plastic housing, equipped with an axis length of 13 mm and a diameter of 6.3 mm. Thanks to the mechanism used, it enables precise adjustment of the slide position in the range of up to 3600o(10 turns).

The precision potentiometer is an excellent solution for devices requiring precise adjustment of a given parameter - e.g. output voltage or current limitation in a laboratory power supply.

Electrical and mechanical parameters of 20 kΩ multiturn potentiometer

20 kΩ 10 RPM multi-turn precision potentiometer offers maximum power loss of up to 2 W and high nominal resistance accuracy (tolerance of only +/- 5%). Linearity tolerance is kept on the level of +/-0,25%, what allows to work with so called precision knobs, equipped with mechanical position indicators with high resolution.

The dimensions of the element body are Ø22 x 18 mm, and the mounting thread is M9 x 0,75 (a washer and a nut are included). The insulation resistance is as high as 1000 MΩ and the operating temperature range is -55 . 125 °C.

Switch - type potentiometer

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