Module xyz-mIOT 2.09 BG95 Quad Band GSM + GPS + HDC2010, DRV5032 - for Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Index: ITB-11971 EAN: 5904422340551

A small module combining many capabilities to facilitate communication in IoT. It features a 4-band GSM module, GPS, GLONASS, LPRW CAT M1, NB IoT temperature and humidity sensor and Hall effect sensor among others. An additional ATSAMD21G microcontroller provides 13 I/O pins, UART, I2C, SPI interfaces and analog inputs.

Module xyz-mIOT 2.09 BG95 Quad Band GSM + GPS + HDC2010, DRV5032 - for Arduino and Raspberry Pi
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Manufacturer: Itbrain Power
Compatibility: Arduino Raspberry Pi


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Product description: xyz-mIOT 2.09 BG95 Quad Band GSM + GPS + HDC2010, DRV5032 module for Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Small modulecooperating withArduino, combining many possibilities to facilitatecommunicationin IoT. It features BG96 4 range module: GSM, GPS, GLONASS, LPRW CAT M1, NB IoT,HDC2010temperatureand humiditysensorandDRV5032Hall effect sensor. An additional ATSAMD21G microcontroller provides 13 I/O pins, UART, I2C, SPI interfaces and analog inputs. On the board you will find: a connector for SIM cards, a charging module forLiPol batteriesand a u.FL socket for mountingan external antenna.

xyz-mIOT 2,09 BG96

Elements layout on the xyz-mIOT board

Technical specification of the module

  • Microcontroller: SAM21 Cortex-M0+ 32-bit
    • Frequency: 48 MHz
    • RTC: 32.768 kHz
    • Flash memory: 256 kB
    • SRAM: 32 kB
    • 13 I/O pins (voltage 3.3V)
    • 12 with PWM capability
    • 5 analog inputs
    • UART, I2C, SPI interfaces
    • 8 external interrupts
    • Pin current: 7 mA
  • Built-in modem: Quectel BG96
  • Supported standards: GSM, GPRS, GPS, GLONASS,LPRW CAT M1, NB IoT
  • Frequencies: 850 / 950 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
  • SIM connector nano size
  • u.FL connector
  • Temperature and humidity sensor: HDC2010
  • Hall effect sensor: DRV5032
  • Built-in USB-UART converter: 4 pins
  • Built-in lipol charger module
  • Modem button: Power
  • Works withArduinoandRaspberry Pi
  • Board dimensions: 32 x 30 mm

Detailed description of the module can be found in thepresentationand on themanufacturer's website.

Pins description and elements layout

The module has 5 analog pins, SPI, I2C, power supply, UART and digital pins. Additionally on the board there is a miniUSB connector, lipol charger, sensors and additional connectors for connecting i.e. vibration sensor.

xyz-mIOT 2,09 BG96

The manufacturer provides several versions of the module differing in built-in modem and sensors.

We recommend to checkour offer.

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