BBMagic Flood - Wireless flood sensor

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The BBMagic Flood wireless sensor allows you to detect the appearance of water at a certain level and send a flood hazard notification via Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE). The module is compatible with Raspberry. Power supply voltage from 1.8 to 3.6V.

BBMagic Flood - Wireless flood sensor
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Manufacturer: BBMagic

Product description: BBMagic Flood - Wireless flood sensor

The BBMagic Floodwirelesssensor allows you to detect the appearance ofwater at a certain level andsend a flood hazard notification via Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE).The module is compatible withRaspberry. Power supply voltagefrom 1.8 to 3.6V. In addition, the module is able to monitor the level of the supply voltage and allowstemperature measurement. The kit does not include electrodes, they must be purchased separately.

BBMagic Flood - bezprzewodowy czujnik zalania

The module is able to inform the user about the danger of flooding.

BBMagic Flood - Wireless Flood Sensor

BBMagic Flood - wyprowadzenia bezprzewodowego czujnika zalania



The weight of the system.


The place to solder the holder to CR2032 batteries. Pin 21(+) and pin 22(-).


Power supply to the module from any power source between 1.8 V and 3.6 V. Pin 7(+) and pin8(-).


Input to power supply through the stabilizer. Pin 10(+), Pin 22 / 23 / 24 (-).


Connecting the pin to ground will cause the LED to flash during Bluetooth transmission. This causes an increase in power consumption.


UART interface lines:

  • Pin 18 - TX.
  • Pin 19 - RX.

Allowable voltage range from 0 V to 5 V.


Output to solder the electrode to detect the presence of water. The second electrode should be soldered to any ground pin.

BBMagic Flood Modes - Wireless Flood Sensor

To set the mode of operation, please:

  1. Turn off the power supply to the module.
  2. Press the built-in button.
  3. Turn on the power while holdingdown the button.
  4. Hold the button while counting down the LED flashes: 1 flash = 1 operating mode, 2 flash = 2 operating mode and so on.
  5. Release the button with the selected operating mode.
  6. The LED will go out for about 2 seconds and then flash several times depending on the mode set.

Operating modeData transmission period "ALIVEALARM' data transmission period


ALIVE" information is sent every 30 seconds. ALARM" information transmitted every 6 seconds.


ALIVE" information transmitted every 60 seconds. Information "ALARM" sent what6seconds.


ALIVE" information transmitted every 3 minutes. Information "ALARM" sent what6seconds.


ALIVE" information transmitted every 5 minutes. Information "ALARM" sent what6seconds.

The manufacturer has prepared the source code of the application allowing to process data from BBMagic modules.

They are available on the manufacturer's website in theDownloadtab, additionally prepared a short guide to working withbbm_scanner appliqué.

Communication of BBMagic Flood module - Wireless Flood Sensor

The module communicates viaBluetooth Low Energy,the communication is encrypted and signed digitally with the AES-128 symmetrical block code. The device can communicate directly with Raspberry PiviaBluetooth Smart.

Komunikacja BBMagic Flood

BBMagic Flood module - Wireless Flood Sensor.

Operation of BBMagic Flood Module - Wireless Flood Sensor

When the BBMagic Flood starts up, it sends the standby information "ALIVE"atthe time set for the operating mode configuration. The exception isdetection of water presence, then it is sent every 6 seconds until the module does not stop detecting its presence. The content of the buffer is defined in the bbmagic_lib.h file. Sample programs can be found onthe manufacturer's website.

bbmm_buf[BBMAGIC_DEVICE_TYPE] Specify the type of module that sent the data.
bbm_buf[BBM_FLOOD_ALERT_FLAGS] Flags indicate flooding detection, the BBM_FLOOD_ALERT_MASK flag set to indicate flooding alarm.
bbmm_buf[BBM_FLOOD_V_SUP] The current supply voltage of the module must be divided by 71 to obtain the voltage in volts.
bbmm_buf[BBM_FLOOD_ADV_TIME]. Time to send another message from the module. To get the time in seconds, multiply it by two.
bbm_buf[BBM_FLOOD_CHIP_TEMP] Temperature given in degrees Celsius (coding U2).
bbmm_buf[BBM_FLOOD_WORKTIME_0]. The operating time of the module since the last power-on, expressed in seconds. Youngest byte 0.
bbmm_buf[BBM_FLOOD_WORKTIME_1]. The module's operating time since the last power-on in seconds. Next byte 1.
bbmm_buf[BBM_FLOOD_WORKTIME_2]. The operating time of the module since the last power-on, expressed in seconds.Nextbyte 2.
bbmm_buf[BBM_FLOOD_WORKTIME_3]. Module operating time since last power-on in seconds. Eldestbyte 3.
bbmm_buf[BBM_FLOOD_FIRM_0]. Module firmware version number. Junior byte.
bbm_buf[BBM_FLOOD_FIRM_1]] Module firmware version number. Olderbyte.
bbm_buf[BBMAGIC_DEVICE_ADDR_0] Module address. Youngest byte 0 - LSB.
bbm_buf[BBMAGIC_DEVICE_ADDR_1]. Module address. Next byte 1.
bbm_buf[BBMAGIC_DEVICE_ADDR_2]. Module address. Next byte 2.
bbm_buf[BBMAGIC_DEVICE_ADDR_3]. Module address. Next byte 3.
bbm_buf[BBMAGIC_DEVICE_ADDR_4].Module address. Another byte 4.
bbm_buf[BBMAGIC_DEVICE_ADDR_5]. Module address. Eldest byte 5 - MSB.
bbm_buf[BBMAGIC_DEVICE_RSSI]. Received radio signal power in dBm.

BBMagic Flood module specification - Wireless Flood Sensor

  • Power supply for the module:
    • Directly: 1.8 V to 3.6 V
    • Stabiliser: output 2.5 to 3.6 V
    • Battery CR2032 - after soldering the handle
  • Wiring slot for spill detection
  • Monitoring the state of the supply voltage
  • Chip temperature measurement
  • Radio communication indicated by an LED
  • Encrypted and digitally signed communication AES-128
  • Dimensions: 46 x 22 mm

Sensor - service module
Package width 2.7 cm
Package height 4.6 cm
Package depth 0.7 cm
Package weight 0.005 kg

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