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3D printer - Creality Halot-Mage Pro

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Resin 3D printer from Creality equipped with a monochrome LCD display with a diagonal of 10.3 " and a high resolution of 8K . The characteristic feature of Halot-Mage Pro is its high printing speed, which can reach up to 170 mm / h , without losing the quality of the model The large working area of 228 x 128 x 230 mm provides comfort and allows you to create unique, large models.
3D printer - Creality Halot-Mage Pro
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Manufacturer: Creality

Product description: 3D printer - Creality Halot-Mage Pro - resin

Resin 3D printer from Creality equipped with a monochrome LCD display with a diagonal of 10.3 " and high resolution 8K , thanks to which the resulting prints are characterized by the highest precision. The screen is covered with tempered glass that protects against impacts, scratches and flooding with resin . Halot's characteristic feature -Mage Pro is its high printing speed, which can reach as much as 170 mm / h without compromising the quality of the model.The large working area of 228 x 128 x 230 mm provides comfort and allows you to create unique, large models.

3D printer - Creality Halot-Mage Pro.

8K vs 4K.

Faster than the competition

The Halot-Mage Pro can reach speeds of up to 170 mm/s. This is one of the highest scores among resin printers. Despite working at high speeds, the print quality remains at a high level.

Ultimate detail

The Halot-Mage Pro uses an 8K monochrome LCD with 33,177,600 pixels and 29.7µm XY resolution. It guarantees high precision and detail that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. This is a marked improvement over regular 4K 50µm screens, which cannot reproduce textures and shapes as accurately.

"Dynax" movement system

The Halot-Mage Pro is equipped with the agile "Dynax" motion system that raises and lowers the platform in just 1.2 seconds. High-quality double linear guides and powerful solid-state motor torque of 1300 Nm ensure smooth vertical movement of the Z axis. Strong construction is a guarantee of vibration suppression and less visible print layers .

Improved light source

The printer uses the Integral Light Source 3.0 system, thanks to which the uniformity of light dispersion reaches over 90% . This guarantees excellent quality, no matter where the print is placed on the platform. The printer has a light intensity of 8000 μW/cm². The wavelength of the light generated by the printer is 405 nm, thanks to which it can handle most of the most popular resins available on the market.

The light dispersion uniformity is more than 90%.

Automatic pump for filling and drawing resin.

Intelligent resin pump

The pump automatically fills or empties the resin tank , reducing the risk of splashes, smudges and overall mess. It takes about half an hour to pump one liter of resin. The pump can work with any container.

MageArch cover

Extremely practical, and at the same time giving an elegant appearance, the MageArch flap, which you can easily open with one hand . The lid remains in place after lifting without the need to support it. MageArch's orange tint blocks 99.89% of ambient UV light.

Efficient ventilation system

Replaceable activated carbon filter effectively absorbs the irritating smell of resin. There is a hole on the back of the printer to connect the ventilation pipe. The carbon filter wears out after about 3 months of use.

Many control options

Creality's smart connectivity means you can control and monitor your print from anywhere. You can choose from the Creality Cloud app or website, PC control via LAN with HALOT BOX and file import via USB drive. To be able to remotely observe the printing process, you can connect a camera to the USB port.

Air purifier with carbon filter.

Technical specification of the 3D printer - Creality Halot-Mage Pro

Print Size: 228x128x230mm
Print resolution: 7680 x 4320 pixels (8K)
XY resolution: 29.7 µm
LCD screen type: monochrome, 10.3''
printing speed: up to 170mm/h
Layer Height: from 0.05mm to 0.15mm
Wavelength: 405nm
Illuminance: 8000μW/cm² (±10%)
Light uniformity: >90%
Software: HALOT BOX, CHITUBOX, Lychee Slicer
Communication: USB, LAN, WiFi, Creality Cloud
Printer dimensions: 333 x 270 x 608mm
Mass: 13 kg

3D - print surface 228x128x230 mm
3D - type of printout UV - resin
3D - UV wavelength 405 nm
Package width 67 cm
Package height 34 cm
Package depth 40 cm
Package weight 16.2 kg

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3D printer - Creality Halot-Mage Pro


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Martin 18.11.2023 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Fast delivery, everything is fine. The only thing I really didn't like was that one corner of the box was completely crushed, as if something had fallen on it...the printer, but it was fine.
Piotr 15.11.2023 Confirmed purchase Translated review
very good printer easy to use and so far reliable

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