Soldering iron tip - bevel type T-2C

Index: LUT-06167 EAN: 5904422362591

Diagonally cut diagonally cut soldering station blade type T-2C, works with stations, among others: 936, 937, 803, 968, 995 etc.

Soldering iron tip - bevel type T-2C
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Description: Soldering station blade - truncated type T-2C

During the soldering process the most important thing isto choose the right blade shapefor the element being soldered, thanks to this action we can quickly achieve the desired effect. Blade for soldering stationsdiagonally cut T-2C type, works with stations:936, 937, 803, 968, 995 etc.

Grot do stacji lutowniczej - ścięty typ T-2CBlade for soldering stations - cut-off type T-2C

The blade has the shape of anoblique beveled cylinder. It is used topull through the soldering and pre-tinning of lead wires.It is ideally suited for soldering of leaded elements and SMD elements such as resistors,capacitorsandtransistors.

Blade suitable for station models:

  • 936
  • 936A Zhaoxin
  • 936D Zhaoxin
  • 868D Zhaoxin
  • 937 PT Aoyue
  • 937+ PT Aoyue
  • 909 PT Aoyue
  • 968 PT Aoyue
  • 853K CT
  • 803 PT Aoyue
  • 738 PT Aoyue
  • 768 PT Aoyue
  • 852D+ WEP Yihua
  • 898D WEP Yihua
  • 852D WEP Yihua
  • 853D+ WEP Yihua
  • 853D WEP Yihua
  • 853DA WEP Yihua
  • 898D+ WEP Yihua
  • 878A WEP Yihua
  • 902A WEP Yihua
  • 878D WEP Yihua
  • 992D+ JEV
  • 995D+ JEV
  • 995D WEP
  • 942 JEP
  • 937D+ JEV
  • 937D WEP
  • 936A+ JEV
  • 899D JEP
  • 898D WEP
  • 898BD WEP
  • 892D+ JEV
  • 872D WEP
  • 862DA+ WEP
  • 862BD+ WEP
  • 858AD WEP
  • 853D5A WEP
  • 852D+SE WEP
Package width 5 cm
Package height 0.6 cm
Package depth 8.5 cm
Package weight 0.005 kg

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Soldering iron tip - bevel type T-2C


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