Electro River Cellmeter - Universal battery meter

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Electro River Cellmeter - Universal battery meter
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Manufacturer: Electro River

Product description: Universal battery meter - Electro River Cellmeter

Electro River Cellmeteris a device used to measure the state of charge of the battery, in addition, it is equipped with a servo tester. The module has afriendly and very intuitive interfaceso that operation of the device is trivial. The device can connect up to 8 cells (8S) and supports the following battery types:Li-Ion,Li-Pol, Li-Fe, Li-HV, Ni-Cd andNi-Mh.

Test Mode

The servo test function requires a 5 to 6 volt power supply, for this purpose you can use a 4S Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh or5V UBECbattery. When the power source is connected, the Cellmeter will automatically boot up and display the battery detection mode on the screen, if this does not happen, you will need to change the power source. To enter test mode press theCELL (Servo Test)button, the default setting is manual mode.

Electro River Cellmeter+

Electro River Cellmeter Battery Tester.

Uniwersalny miernik akumulatorów

The module has a friendly and easy to use interface.

Features of the tester

  • Measurement of the total battery voltage
  • Voltage measurement on each cell separately
  • Indicator of the state of charge of the entire battery in %
  • Showing the cells with the lowest and highest voltage
  • Number of supported Li-Pol cells: from 2S to 8S

Battery connection

  • Lithium batteries (Li-Pol, Li-Fe, Li-Ion)
    • Batteries from 2S to 8S can be connected to the tester without using an additional power source. In order to connect a single cell to the device it will be necessary to connect an additional power supply to the Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh port such as a 5V UBEC chip or a nickel battery.
  • Nickel batteries (Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh)
    • Without an additional power supply, batteries from 4S to 8S can be connected. When testing a battery up to 4S, it will be necessary to connect a lithium battery to the appropriate port.

Specifications of the universal battery meter - Electro River Cellmeter

  • Supported battery types:
    • Lithium: Li-Pol, Li-Ion, Li-Fe, Li-HV
    • Nickel: Ni-Mh, Ni-Cd
  • Built-in servo tester
  • Possibility to connect batteries from 1S to 8S
  • Dimensions: 83 x 52 x 15 mm
  • Weight: 51.5 g
Tester obsługuje akumulatory litowe i niklowe

Tester supports lithium and nickel batteries.

Package width 10.5 cm
Package height 14 cm
Package depth 2 cm
Package weight 0.076 kg

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