Kitronik ARCADE console for MakeCode Arcade - Kitronik 5311

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The Kitronik Arcade portable gaming console is a device designed for beginners as well as advanced users, giving you the ability to create your own games using the MakeCode Arcade platform or Javascript or Python languages. The console is equipped with 6 action buttons, 1.77'' color LCD screen and vibration motor.

Kitronik ARCADE console for MakeCode Arcade - Kitronik 5311
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Manufacturer: Kitronik

Product description: Kitronik ARCADE console for MakeCode Arcade

The Kitronik Arcade portable game console combines fun and educational value. In addition to playing ready-made games, the console allows you to create your own codes. Both beginners and more advanced programmers will have no problem creating software, thanks to the use of the MakeCode Arcade platform, which features many tutorials with different levels of difficulty.

Versatility and capabilities

For more advanced users, there are additional I/O ports and debugger slots on the board. Console programs can be written using Javascript and Python. This makes it possible to create more advanced games, such as retro-style games.

Opis elementów znajdujących się na konsoli Kitronik Arcade

Elements of the Kitronik Arcade console.

Console design

The Kitronik Arcade console is equipped with a 1.77'' color LCD display. On the left side of the board are directional buttons and a piezo buzzer. In the central part, in addition to the mentioned display, there are also Menu and Reset buttons. The right part of the console is mainly two large action buttons and vibration motor, used to generate haptic feedback (it works on the same principle as in popular console pads). On the edge of the console are a microUSB port used to alternatively power it and a switch in the form of a sliding switch. On the underside of the console are placed three baskets for AA batteries (batteries not included), two of which are arranged in such a way that they simultaneously serve as handles for the hands. Thanks to this treatment the console is ergonomic and fits well in the hand.

Additional materials
The manufacturer provides additional materials, including ready-made games and tutorials.

Educational advantages

The console can also be programmed using the MakeCode Arcade platform. This platform provides sample game codes of varying complexity and languages. MakeCode Arcade also provides courses on creating games, graphics, sprites, creating motion sequences or loops. The MakeCode Arcade platform is all about education and knowledge transfer. A repository with an available bootloader is available on GitHub.

Kitronik Arcade console specifications

  • Processor: AtmelSAMD51J19A
  • Power: 3x AA battery (not included) or microUSB connector (5V)
  • Screen diagonal: 1.77'' LCD
  • Screen resolution: 160 x 128 px
  • Current consumption: Approximately 80 mA (depending on the application)
  • Battery life (3x AA): approx. 20 hours (depending on usage)
  • Dimensions: 155 x 60 x 28.3 mm

Przykładowa gra uruchomiona na konsoli Kitronik Arcade

Example game running on the Kitronik Arcade console.

Package width 7.5 cm
Package height 15.6 cm
Package depth 1.5 cm
Package weight 0.116 kg

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