DFRobot Gravity - CO2 carbon dioxide sensor - electrochemical

Index: DFR-04487 EAN: 6959420900282

The sensor determines the concentration of CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the air. It is equipped with digital and analog output that works with voltage of 5 V. The kit includes a cable to connect with DFRobot IO Expansion Shield.

DFRobot Gravity - CO2 carbon dioxide sensor - electrochemical
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Manufacturer: DFRobot
Compatibility: Arduino


Carbon dioxide sensor with analog and digital output. It is powered with 5 V, it works withthe Arduino modules. The kit includes a cable adapted to DFRobot IO Expansion Shield.


Czujnik dwutlenku węgla CO2 - moduł DFRobot


The sensor is equipped with a digital and an analog output. The voltage at the analog output decreases along with increasing CO2 concentration. The excitation threshold, after which the switching of the digital output can be set via the integrated potentiometer.


The product is compatible with Arduino

Sample code and detailed information can be found inthe user's guide.


The sensor works with any microcontroller that has analog inputs, includingArduino. To read data, just connect the power supply and the output pin to any analog input of the microcontroller and to read the measurement result.



Czujnik dwutlenku węgla CO2 - moduł DFRobot - schemat

Example of connecting the  sensor. 


  • Supply voltage: 5 V
  • Based on MG811 module (documentation)
  • Communication:
    • the analog signal - the value decreases with the increase of the concentration of particles in the air
    • digital signal - informing about the exceeding of the threshold set by the potentiometer
  • Cable for connection withDFRobot IO Expansion Shield
  • Board sizes: 32 x 42 mm


Detailed data regarding the accuracy and operating conditions of the sensor, and charts can be found in thedocumentation.

Set includes:

  • CO2 sensor
  • Connecting cable


Package width 8 cm
Package height 12 cm
Package depth 2 cm
Package weight 0.01 kg



Question: Hello I wanted to buy and use this sensor , what do I need to have , so that I can use it , I'm a novice , I understand that for the sensor you need the DFRobot Gravity - IO Expansion Shield , and what next to that ? How to read the value ? Some kind of display or connect.with phone/computer ? What are the possibilities ? Greetings
Answer: A microcontroller, such as an Arduino board, is required for proper operation of the sensor. The IO Expansion Shield overlay is not required, but will make it easier to connect the sensor. The measurement results will be available in the Arduino IDE serial monitor, but can be output to any display.


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DFRobot Gravity - CO2 carbon dioxide sensor - electrochemical


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Katarzyna 05.04.2023 Confirmed purchase Translated review
no comments
Adam B. 28.08.2021 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Execution ok. The sensor does what it can, but to measure accurately it requires a stable adc and power supply.

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