Gravity - Arduino Zero to Hero Kit - DFRobot KIT0133

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A set of electronic components with an online course created by Australian engineer: Sanjin Dedić. The set includes DFRduino Uno R3 board (compatible with Arduino Uno), display, LEDs, sensors, resistors and wires.

Gravity - Arduino Zero to Hero Kit - DFRobot KIT0133
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Product description: Gravity - Arduino kit from zero to hero - DFRobot KIT0133

A set of electronic components along with an online course created by Australian engineer Sanjin Dedic. The kit includes a DFRduino Uno board (compatible with Arduino Uno) and a set of components used in the online course. Simple language and friendly Arduino environment allow both beginners and advanced users to create projects.

Kit created to learn basics of electronics and programming. Thanks to online courses you can learn how logic gates work, create sample projects using modules included in set and learn Arduino programming. The whole set was closed in a trunk, thanks to which you can have all the elements at hand.

Zestaw z opisanymi woreczkami

All elements of the kit are placed in described bags.

Specification of the kit

  • Microcontroller: DFRduino Uno R3
  • Supply voltage: 5V - USB
  • Dimensions: 220 x 165 x 65 mm
  • Weight: 300 g

Set contents

  • 1x DFRduino Uno R3
  • 1x USB A-B cable
  • 30x connecting cable male - male
  • 10x female to male connection cable
  • 20x 220 Ω resistor
  • 20x 4.7 kΩ resistor
  • 20x 10 kΩ resistor
  • 20x 1 kΩ resistor
  • 10x LED 5 mm
  • 1x IR receiver
  • 4x mini push button
  • 1x PT5I850AC light sensor
  • 1x GL5528 light sensor
  • 1x transistor 2N3904
  • 1x tilt switch
  • 1x 8-segment LED display
  • 1x LM35 temperature sensor
  • 1x buzzer
  • 3x potentiometer 10 kΩ
  • 1x mini controller (with CR2025 battery)
  • 1x contact plate 400 fields
  • 1x acrylic holder for the board and Arduino
  • 1x Gravity I/O expander cap for Arduino
  • 1x Gravity analog audio sensor
  • 1x Gravity digital speaker module
  • 1x PIR digital motion detector Gravity
  • 1x DoF sensor MPU6050
  • 1x microSD card reader module

Table of contents of the course from zero to hero

Wiring guides:

1. LED Button Circuit
2. Potentiometer LED Control
3. Simple Current Amplifier
4. Darlington Bridge Current Amplifier
5. Glow in the Dark Circuit
6. And Logic Gate
7. Or Logic Gate
8. NOTLogic Gate

Basic tutorials:

9. LED Blink Rate Investigation
10. Using Random To Select LED's Control Delays
11. Programming Input / Output with Push Buttons

Additional Guides:

12. Analog Input Demonstrations with Voltage Dividers
13. Photodiodes and LDR in Voltage Divider Light Sensing Circuits
14. Arduino Light Theremin
15. LM 35 Temperature Sensor with Graph Plotting
16. Maxwell Colour Wheel with RGB LED
17. RGB LED Colour Mixer with 3 Potentiometers
18. Microphone Clap Switch
19. Microphone Calibrated Double Clap Switch
20. Sound / Music Reacting Circuit
21. Button Controlled Frequency Generator
22. Piano Circuit with 4 Tones
23. Sound Effects Generator (Fibonacci, Space Guns etc...)
24. Temperature Plotting Program
25. 7 Segment Display Circuit
26. 7 Segment Guess The Number Game
27. Reaction Time Measuring Circuit (using LED and Sound Triggers)

Advanced tutorials:

28. Creating Arrays to Store Reaction Time Results
29. Saving Reaction Time Results to SD Card
30. Plotting the SD Card Results in Excel
31. Memory Training Game
32. Infrared Remote Control Circuit
33. Infrared Remote Controlling a Speaker and LED Panel
34. Reading Accelerometer and Gyroscope Values
35. Connecting Arduino to Processing
36. Control LED's via Computer Mouse (using Processing)
37. Visualising Gyroscope and Accelerometer Values (using Processing)

Gravity - from zero to hero Arduino kit - DFRobot KIT0133

Gravity Kit - from zero to hero is a set of electronic components combined with a dedicated on-line course. With its help, anyone interested will gain both theoretical knowledge, It is both a practical and in-depth knowledge of programming and creating electronic circuits.

Gravity - from zero to hero is a very extensive package, so with its help you can create many projects. Learning is also facilitated by simple language and friendly Arduino environment. The kit contains everything you need to participate in on-line lessons, numerous tutorials (basic and additional), as well as advanced tutorials.

Kit from zero to hero - what does it consist of?

On-line lessons available in Gravity - DFRobot KIT0133 will help in gaining theoretical knowledge, which can be expanded through practice, using the kit. It is based on the DFRduino Uno R3 base board, compatible with the Arduino Uno.

The kit also includes numerous resistors, USB A-B cable, connection wires (male-male and female-female), IR receiver, transistor, numerous sensors (e.g. light, temperature, motion) and many other elements required to create projects.

StarterKit - module DFRduino Uno
StarterKit - subject Arduino
Package width 25.2 cm
Package height 18.9 cm
Package depth 5.6 cm
Package weight 0.65 kg

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