LED ring ZIP Halo HD for the BBC micro:bit - Kitronik 5672

Index: KTR-16880 EAN: 6609025148540

Circular board for the micro:bit module equipped with 60 addressed RGB LEDs, RTC chip, 3 AA batteries basket, MEMS microphone, buzzer and additional I/O ports. The board has a diameter of 87 mm.

LED ring ZIP Halo HD for the BBC micro:bit - Kitronik 5672
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Manufacturer: Kitronik
Compatibility: Micro:bit

Description: Ring LED RGB ZIP Halo HD for BBC micro:bit - Kitronik 5672

Round plate for the micro:bitmodule equipped with 60 addressedRGB LEDs.It also has P1 and P2 outputs in a standard 2.54 mm raster,a MEMS microphonefor sound detection and apiezobuzzerforsound. On the board you can also find a real time RTC chipcontrolledby the I2C line of the micro:bit module. The board is equipped with 2 M3 mounting holes. The module is powered by 3AAbatteries(not included).


The BBCmicro:bitboard is not included in the kit, it can be purchased separately.

MakeCode Blocks

Kitronik has created custom blocks for the Halo HD ring that can be used in MakeCode. To add these blocks, go to makecode.microbit.org andcreate a new project. Under the "Advanced" section, click on "Extensions". Then type "Halo HD" in the search window and then click on the title to import them into MakeCode. The blocks will be divided into three categories: ZIP LED, microphone and clock. For more information about the MakeCore editor and how to write code using MicroPython, seethe documentation.

Pierścień LED RGB ZIP Halo HDRing RGB LED ZIP Halo HD,micro:bit modulecan be purchased separately.

BBC micro:bit compatible product
The manufacturer providesdocumentation forBBC micro:bit users.

Main features of the RGB ZIP Halo HD Ring LED

  • 60 addressed RGB ZIP LEDs.
  • Pins P1 and P2 with a standard 2.54 mm grid.
  • MEMS microphone and piezo buzzer.
  • Real time clock (RTC) controlled by I2C line.
  • Plug and Play.
  • Powered by threeAAbatteries(not included).
  • Power on/off switch.
  • Programmed by MakeCode using blocks or MicroPython.
  • Two M3 mounting holes.

Ring LED RGB ZIP Halo HD specification

  • Supply voltage: 3.5 V to 5 V
  • Number of ZIP diodes: 60
  • Number of external channels: 3 (1x ZIP LED, 2x I/O pins 3 V / 50 mA)
  • Maximum current consumption (at maximum LED brightness): 0.9 A (15 mA / diode)
  • Dimensions: diameter 87 mm
  • Mounting holes: M3 with 68.4 mm spacing

Comparison of RGB LED rings ZIP Halo and ZIP Halo HD

ZIP Halo ZIP Halo HD
Model ZIP Hello ZIP Hello HD
Number of diodes 24 60
Screw connection for micro:bit

Micro:bit socket x
Power switch
Battery basket x
JST connector x
Real Time Clock (RTC) x
Buzzer x
Microphone x
Power controller for micro:bit
Extension of I/O
ZIP LED pads x
Mounting holes
Examples / sources

Voltage to 3.5 V
Voltage from 5.0 V
LED - color RGB
LED - digital yes
LED - LEDs 60
LED lens clear
LED wavelength RGB
Package width 9.5 cm
Package height 3 cm
Package depth 11.5 cm
Package weight 0.044 kg

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LED ring ZIP Halo HD for the BBC micro:bit - Kitronik 5672


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