I2C converter for HD44780 LCD display

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The I2C converter for the popular display with controller HD44780 for example, 2x16 characters. Thanks to this system, two data lines and supply 5 Volts and groundare enough to connect the screen.

I2C converter for HD44780 LCD display
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Converter I2C fordisplay with the HD44780 controller so that the screen requires only two lines - SDA and SCL. Via the bus, from the level of theArduino, can be controlled the displayed text and the backlight, including turning them off or on at any time. On board is alsoa potentiometerto adjust the contrast.


The product is compatible with Arduino

Online you can findthe Arduino libraryfor the module maintenance.

 Wyświetlacz LCD 2x16 z konwerterem - niebieski

In order to use a library for theArduino, the system should be soldered in accordance with the picture above.


  • Converter of I2C bus
  • Installed resistors pulling up the lines of the I2C bus - 4.7 k Ω
  • Converter based on PCF8574 (documentation)
  • Soldered potentiometer to adjust the contrast
  • The ability to control the backlight through the I2C bus
  • The possibility of changing the bus address via soldering jumpers A0, A1, A2

Addressing I2C

Depending on what chipset, this module can have different address spaces:

  • Chipset PCF8574 - 0x20
  • Chipset PCF8574T - 0x27
  • Chipset PCF8574A - 0x38
  • Chipset PCF8574AT - 0x3F

To be sure, we recommend the use of a program for ArduinoI2C Scanner that reads the I2C addresses for all connected devices.



The system has four leads and a jumper which putting out causes turning off the backlight of the screen. On the board is also goldpin strip which is fixed to the populardisplays based on HD44780 driver. All leads are soldered.

Konwerter I2C dla wyświetlacza LCD


No. Name Description
1 GND Mass.
2 VCC Power +5 V.
3 SDA The data line of the I2C bus.
4 SCL Clock line of the I2C bus.


Connecting of the display 

On the back of the tile is 16-pin, male strap goldpin to solder the display based on the HD44780 controller.


Screen - interface I2C
Package width 4.5 cm
Package height 1.5 cm
Package depth 9 cm
Package weight 0.006 kg

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