Tamiya 70140 - Pulley kit

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The kit contains the necessary components to create a belt transmission.

Tamiya 70140 - Pulley kit
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Manufacturer: Tamiya

Product description: Tamiya Belt Transmission 70140

This kit is compatible with other Tamiya products. The gears can be mounted on the universal mounting plate using the shaft kit. The kit contains the necessary parts to create a belt transmission.


  • Two 30 mm diameter pulleys
  • Two pulleys with diameter 20 mm
  • Four 11 mm diameter pulleys
  • Two single 2 mm hexagonal bushings
  • Two double 2 mm hexagonal bushings
  • Two single 3 mm hexagonal bushings
  • Two double 3 mm hexagonal bushings
  • Two single 3.1 mm hexagonal bushings
  • Double 3.1 mm hexagonal bushings
  • Two single 2.9 mm hexagonal bushings
  • Double 2.9 mm hexagon bushings
  • Two single 2.1 mm hexagonal bushings
  • Four double 2.1 mm hexagonal bushings
  • Four single 1.9 mm hexagonal bushings
  • Two double 1.9 mm hexagonal bushes
  • Strap
  • Set of required nuts and bolts
Tamiya 70140 - przekładnia pasowa

Tamiya 70140 belt transmission.

Tamiya 70140 - Belt Transmission

Tamiya 70140 is a product of an excellent company Pololu, which is known for producing high-quality accessories needed to build all kinds of devices and mobile robots. Choosing this product you can be sure of its high quality which translates into high durability and very good fit of all elements.

A belt transmission is a mechanical element which, by means of belts and appropriate structural elements, is able to transfer motion created on the motor to another mechanical element (for example, to a wheel). The transmission is carried out by means of suitable belts - in this case made of elastic rubber.

Belt transmission

A belt transmission can be used, for example, to change the ratio of the force created by the motor to one that meets the requirements of the project. You can also use a belt transmission to change the direction of rotation. For example, you can easily drive a mechanical component whose axis of rotation is not parallel to the axis of rotation of the motor shaft (for example, it is different by 90° in the same reference system).

The kit contains all the necessary components needed to build various types of belt transmissions. These include pulleys of different diameters, bushings of different sizes, belts and the necessary screws and nuts. You can also find all the information about the contents and features of the product on the manufacturer's official website - the link is below.

Build miniature mock-ups of mechanical systems and more!

The Tamiya 70140 Belt Transmission, is made up of pulleys that have a flat drive belt travel surface, unlike a toothed belt. This miniature gearbox allows you to build low torque drive systems. You can also use it to build a miniature model of a steam engine or other mechanical systems. With the help of this gearbox, you can easily illustrate what the basic principles of power transmission in motor vehicles and machines are.

Numerous practical advantages of belt transmission

Belt drives are ideally suited for power transmission systems in which the mechanical load is particularly low. In contrast to toothed gears, the operating costs for belt drives are much lower. In addition, due to the simpler design with greater flexibility, the belt drive has the important practical advantage of being very well insulated against shock and vibration.

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