LED lamp ART T5 60cm, 8W, 760lm, warm color
LED lamp ART T5 60cm, 8W, 760lm, warm color
LED lamp ART T5 60cm, 8W, 760lm, warm color
LED lamp ART T5 60cm, 8W, 760lm, warm color
LED lamp ART T5 60cm, 8W, 760lm, warm color - zdjęcie 1
LED lamp ART T5 60cm, 8W, 760lm, warm color - zdjęcie 2
LED lamp ART T5 60cm, 8W, 760lm, warm color - zdjęcie 3
LED lamp ART T5 60cm, 8W, 760lm, warm color - zdjęcie 4

ART T5 LED fluorescent lamp 60cm, 8W, 760lm, cold color

Index: LED-05615

LED fluorescent lamp 60 cm long. It is powered from 230 V, consumes 8 W of power at a light output of 760 lm. The light colour is cold white 6500 °K. The kit also includes mounting pegs and cable.

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Power: 8 W
The material of the workmanship:
Power supply voltage:
AC 230 V (mains)
Light flux:
760 lm
The angle of light:
110 °
Colour of light:
6500 °K (white-cold)
Energy class:
Energy consumption:
8 kWh / 1000h
Number of on/off cycles:
over 15 000
Durability: 30 000 hours
Warm-up time: less than 1 s
The power factor: 0,6
Height: 35 mm
Lamp length: 60 cm
For dimming: Not
For accent lighting: not
CRI/Ra: over 80
LLMF: 0,65
The producer: ART
Safety/conformity mark: CE
Installation On the ceiling using the pegs and brackets that are included in the set
Warranty: 24 months
Length 600 mm
Voltage to 230 V
Voltage from 230 V
Voltage nominal 230 V
Nominal power 8 W
LED - color cold white
LED - digital no
LED lens mat
LED wavelength white

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