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Sports cameras

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Blow Video Recorder Action Camera Go Pro4U 4K WiFi

The Blow sports camera is designed for people who practice all kinds of water or extreme sports, such as climbing, skiing, motorbike or bicycle. It can also be successfully...
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Index: PRO-16114
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Sports cameras: capture the extreme moments

The design of sports cameras (for example GoPro) and their individual functions are adapted to the harsh conditions to which the equipment is exposed during sports activities. The most important features are resistance to water, dust, shock, falls and high temperatures, as well as good image stabilization and high recording resolution. Sports cameras should also be as small as possible so as not to restrict the user's freedom of movement (especially when mounted in places such as helmets or bike handlebars).

How to choose a camera? Bear this in mind

The model of sports camera should be matched to the characteristics of the sport you practice. In the case of high-performance cycling, shock resistance will be the most important, while for a diver a waterproof housing is more important. Regardless of the type of recorded activity, all sports cameras should have the ability to record videos and take pictures in high resolution. Good image stabilization is also extremely important. It is worth to pay attention to the angle of view of the lens - it is a matter of individual preference, but most users appreciate more cameras giving the possibility to shoot wide-angle shots. If you plan to record footage with sound, choose equipment with a built-in microphone and speaker for convenient audio recording and playback. High-definition videos take up a lot of space, so opt for equipment that has the ability to expand the memory using a large-capacity SD or microSD card (at least 32 GB). If you intend to record longer videos, choose a model with a powerful battery (for example, OverMax ActiveCam 5.1).

More useful features

In addition to the basic functions, many sports cameras include additional interesting options worth trying. If you are not satisfied with recording standard videos and taking pictures, you can opt for a model that allows you to record images in slow motion or create time lapses. You should also pay attention to available mounting options - some sport camcorders, e.g. Kruger&Matz, can be installed on a helmet or a bicycle handlebars but also in a car and used as a car recorder. Another useful function is remote control option and presence of WiFi module which enables you to share the recorded material with your mobile devices.