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DVRs for IP cameras

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Set for wireless monitoring WiFi - recorder + 2x cameras - Zamel ZMB-01

The set allows to create wireless monitoring based on WiFi network - Zamel ZMB-01. The set includes DVR supporting up to 9 cameras and 2 2 MPx Full HD cameras with IR...
Index: ZML-16648
Index: ZML-16648
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DVRs for IP cameras

Most IP cameras require connection (remote or wired) to the appropriate Registrar through which you can view the image live, and recording and corresponding video compression for storage and later playback. This device allows you to create monitor, consisting of cameras connected to the recorder, allowing convenient control of the entire system.

How to choose the right model?

The most important parameters of the DVR are the number of supported cameras, resolution and maximum frame rate. The number of cameras depends on the system - home security system can be effective even with four cameras, but for industrial applications it is better to choose DVRs that support more cameras (even if at the beginning the number of cameras will not be sufficient for the whole system, the DVR allows to expand the monitored area). However, the resolution and recording speed have to be adjusted to the needs of the system (complex video surveillance in a factory requires better parameters than in the case of a parking lot), first of all taking into account the specifications given by the manufacturer, because the values are often different for different numbers of connected cameras. It is also worth to pay attention to the supported memory (usually one or two hard drives of large capacity), the type of compression (it determines the ratio of image quality to the amount of space used), video outputs (VGA and HDMI as a standard, in some models also RCA), audio outputs (for cameras that also record sound), and the presence of USB ports (for data ripping). Most of DVRs for IP cameras are compliant with Onvif 2.4 standard, so they can support almost all camera models available on the market.

Useful functions

It is worth to pay attention to models that offer flexible viewing options - for example, through a web browser or smartphone application. The DVR should also enable quick searching and scrolling of recordings, as well as live monitoring of one or more cameras simultaneously. A very useful feature is the option of remote access in the P2P cloud, as well as support for such functions as motion detection, camera obstruction detection, or notification of lack of connection with the camera. It is also worth choosing DVRs that allow to set the desired recording interval and automatic backup. Some models also have the option to integrate with multiple DVRs, which is very useful in large systems with multiple cameras.