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Car DVRs (video recorders)

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Blow Video Recorder Action Camera Go Pro4U 4K WiFi

The Blow sports camera is designed for people who practice all kinds of water or extreme sports, such as climbing, skiing, motorbike or bicycle. It can also be successfully...
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Index: PRO-16114
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Car DVRs - what should you know before buying one

The recording from the DVR can provide evidence in a contentious situation with another driver, the insurance company or the police. Therefore, such a device is useful for every driver. However, it is worth remembering that both the camera and other components of the DVR must record data in high quality - otherwise the recording may prove worthless (for example, if it is impossible to read the registration of the vehicles involved in the incident).

Car video recorder: the most important parameters

A good car DVR should have the ability to record in high resolution (at least 1280x720, or HD, and preferably Full HD or higher). Such recordings take up a lot of space, especially if sound and other parameters are also recorded, so it is worthwhile for the driving recorder to support SD cards or have a large amount of internal memory. There are also car DVRs equipped with loop recording, i.e. overwriting older recordings with the new ones - a convenient solution for drivers who do not have time to rip and delete previous recordings. A useful feature is the option of recording the route and speed (GPS module), as well as night recording, motion sensor (the camera will start when the car starts), parking mode or the ability to power from its own battery (otherwise the DVR will have to be constantly connected to the socket in the car, and will not work when the engine is turned off). It is worth to pay special attention to the viewing angle of the lens - the higher its value, the larger field is recorded in the frame, which may be important in case of certain events (for example, when another driver forces a priority). You should also remember to keep the lens (and the glass in front of it) clean, which will ensure maximum image quality.

Botland online store offer

In this category we offer car DVRs designed for mounting on the front or rear window of the vehicle. We offer recorders in a diverse price range. There are devices with wide angle lens, audio recording, loop recording function, own power supply, motion detector, date and time stamp, WDR (picture illumination) and other useful options. Each driving recorder offered comes with a convenient bracket that allows you to mount the device on the windshield of your vehicle.