Step-Down Voltage Regulator D36V6F3 - 9V 7A - Pololu 4094

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A step-down converter with an output voltage of 9 V, operates on an input voltage in the range from 9.9 V to 50 V. Thecurrent capacity is from 2.7 A to 7 A.

Step-Down Voltage Regulator D36V6F3 - 9V 7A - Pololu 4094
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Manufacturer: Pololu

Product description: D36V50F9 - 9 V 7 A step-down drive

Thestep-downconverter, with a 9 V output voltage, operates on an input voltage in the range from 9.9 V to50 V.The current capacity is from 2.7 A to 7 A. The module operates on a wide range of input voltages from 9.9 V to 50 V, where the minimum value of the input voltage depends on the drop-out parameter.

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The inverters are equipped with a reversal protection up to 40 V, under-voltage and over-voltage output protection and over-current and short circuit protection.

D36V50F9 inverter outputs

Wyprowadzenia przetwornicy

Contact Description
VOUT Output voltage.
GND Mass potential.
VIN Input voltage.
VRP Enables access to the input voltage after activation of the voltage reversal protection. It can be used as a power supply output for other devices or as a VIN without the use of reversal protection.
EN It allows the inverter to be switched to thesleepstate by reducing the voltage at the EN contact below 1.2 V and to be brought out of this state by increasing the voltage at the EN contact above 1.35 V.
PG Power Good, an open drain output that decreases when the output voltage increases by more than 20% and the output voltage decreases by more than 10%.

All connectors are properly signed on the board. The converters can be plugged into thecontactboard,wired or solderedinto the PCB.

On request, we can supply a circuit with soldered goldpin connectors. For this purpose, please leave the information in the commentary to the order.

Voltage drop-out

Drop-out Voltageis theminimumdifferencebetween the input voltage and the output voltagethat is necessaryfor proper operation of the inverter.For example,if the drop-out voltage is 1 V and the output voltage you want to get is 5 V, the supply voltage should be higher than 6 V.Thediagrams below show the drop-out voltage values forD36V50Fxinverters. The minimum voltage required including the dropout parameter is alsospecified.


D36V50Fx drop-out voltage in individual versions.

System efficiency

The efficiency of an inverter is the ratio of output power to input power. It is a very important parameter when working with portable energy sources such as batteries andaccumulators, wherethe time of operation on one charging cycleis important. The diagrams below show the efficiency parameter in D36V50Fx.


Efficiency of the D36V50Fx.

Output current

The maximum output current is dependent on theinput voltageand factors such asambient temperature,air flow andheatabsorption. The following diagrams show the maximum output currents of the D36V50F1x at room temperature, still air and without additional heat absorbers.

Maksymalny prąd wyjściowy

Maximum output current.

Standby current

Currentonlyusedto powerthe module, the graphs below show the idle current for all systems in the D36V50F1x series. Setting the voltage below 1.2 V at the EN contactallowsthe inverters to enter a low power consumption state.


The graph shows the idle current for all systems in the D36V50F1x series.

The kit includes

Polol D36V50F9 step-down converters

Goldfin connectors for contacts


  • Input voltage: 9.9 V to 50 V
  • Output voltage: 9 V
  • Output current:2,7 A to 7 A
  • Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 9 mm
  • Weight (without connectors): 7 g

Length 25 mm
Width 25 mm
Height 9 mm
Voltage to 9,9 V
Voltage from 50.0 V
Voltage nominal 9 V
Voltage output from 9.0 V
Output voltage to 9.0 V
Stabilizer - Type2 switching
Stabilizer - Type step-down
Package width 8.3 cm
Package height 3.2 cm
Package depth 1.1 cm
Package weight 0.009 kg

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