Kittenbot Meowbit - programable, portable game console

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Portable, miniature, fully programmable game console. Prepared for coding with Makecode, Scratch and expandable with micro:bit expanders.

Kittenbot Meowbit - programable, portable game console
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Manufacturer: Seeedstudio
Compatibility: Micro:bit

Product description: Kittenbot meowbit - programmable portable game console

Kittenbot meowbit is a miniature, portable game console with dimensions of 52 x 76 x 12 mm, which is similar to a payment card based on a micro:bit board. It can easily fit in your pocket, so it's fully mobile. It has a 1.8 inch TFT LCD display presenting a full color palette, light and temperature sensor, gyroscope and buzzer. The whole is handled by 32-bit Cortex-M4 processor (STM32F401RET6). The console has 2 programmable LEDs and 6 buttons (A and B and 4 directional buttons).

Kittenbot meowbit - programowalna przenośna konsola do gier

Kittenbot meowbit - programmable portable game console.

NOTE: Kittenbot Meowbit is a standalone micro:bit compatible main module.

Meowbit supports multiple platforms that allow you to code your own games and apps. The easiest to use are Kittenblock, Scratch or Makecode, which allow you to create using block diagrams even through a web page and then download the prepared program( The device also allows to use e.g. MicroPython for more advanced users giving them more possibilities. Thanks to 40 pins micro:bit connection we have possibility to connect full range of expanders created for this platform offering almost unlimited expansion possibilities.

Micro:bit extensions

The micro:bit socket allows you to connect additional expanders extensions to use the console in more complex projects. With these modules, the console can be expanded with additional sensors (e.g. distance sensor, light sensor, color sensor) and output elements such as servo motors, LEDs, displays, speakers. The possibilities are endless.

Podłączony ekspander micro:bit do Kittenbot meowbit

Kittenbot meowbit with connected expander.

Several possibilities of the Kittenbot meowbit console.

Programming with the help of Makecode

The console supports programming using block programming languages like Scratch, Makecode or Kittenblock (special for this platform). Their use is intuitive and allows school children to move freely between commands and create even complex combinations. Creating in a flowchart involves moving blocks symbolizing specific programming actions in the right order to achieve the desired effect.

schematy blokowe MakeCode

The way of programming with the use of block diagrams.

At we can create our own program or game. There is also a wide range of tutorials available, guiding the user step by step through the creation of small applications while teaching the basics of block programming. We can also use ready-made codes to preview, analyze or simply copy them to our own device.

Design of Kittenbot meowbit

Budowa konsoli Kittenbot meowbit

  1. Charging indicator / operation indicator
  2. Light sensor
  3. On/Off switch
  4. Programmable LEDs
  5. RESET button
  6. DFU mode button (choice between firmware and custom software)
  7. Display 160 x 128 px TFT
  8. Temperature sensor
  9. 4 directional buttons
  10. Buzzer
  11. A/B buttons
  12. Connector compatible with micro:bit - 40 pins
  13. USB socket (data transfer/charging)
  14. SD card slot
  15. Multiplayer connection
  16. Gyroscope mp6050
  17. 3.7V battery connection (JST connector)
  18. STM32F401RET6 microcontroller, 32-bit ARM Cortex M4
  19. 2 MB SPI-flash
  20. Space for signature

Specification of Kittenbot meowbit console

  • TFT color LCD display 160 x 128 px
  • Microprocessor: STM32F401RET6, 32-bit ARM Cortex M4
  • Voltage: 3.3 V
  • Expansion connector: micro:bit
  • Battery power supply: 6 x 40 x 20 mm 3.7 V Li-Ion with JST connector (battery not included)
  • Dimensions: 52 x 76 x 12 mm
  • Silicone housing

Game console compatible with BBC micro:bit

Presented set is a miniature gaming console. Portable and - what's more - very handy, because it fits into any pocket. Kittenbot Meowbit kit is based on the design of the original BBC micro:bit board and is compatible with it both in terms of hardware and software.

What's important, the board contains all the components necessary to run simple games - including a 160 x 128 px LCD display, power circuits compatible with lithium-ion batteries (JST connector) and a microSD card slot.

Other information

The console board features a MEMS gyroscope and a powerful STM32F401RET6 microcontroller based on ARM Cortex-M4 core, as well as a built-in buzzer, RESET button, and a button activating the bootloader's DFU mode, As well as a temperature sensor and programmable LEDs.

Kittenbot Meowbit - the programmable portable game console for the BBC micro:bit features a 52 x 76 x 12mm silicone casing with two holes for hanging, such as on a lanyard or belt. There are four directional and two function (A/B) buttons for the player to use.

Screen - type LCD TFT
Screen - diagonal 1.8''
Screen - touch no
Length 76 mm
Width 52 mm
Height 12 mm
Voltage nominal 3.3 V
Package width 6.3 cm
Package height 9.2 cm
Package depth 3.4 cm
Package weight 0.072 kg



Question: If I connect the power from the computer (micro USB), will the Meowbit charge the battery connected by the JST? What if there is a battery in the JST without charging capability?
Answer: The console allows you to charge the battery when you connect it to the USB port of your computer. It is not recommended to connect the console with a regular battery to the USB port, as this may damage both the battery and the console.


Question: Hello, Does the Meowbit have a charging control circuit? I.e., if I connect a 3.7V battery of the right size and with a matching connector to the Meowbit, will I only need to connect 5V via micro usb to charge the battery? Greetings, Marcin
Answer: On the board is the TP4056 chip that is responsible for charging.


Question: Hello, Does the Meowbit have a charging control circuit? I.e., if I connect a 3.7V battery of the right size and with a matching connector to the Meowbit, will I only need to connect 5V via micro usb to charge the battery? Greetings, Marcin
Answer: On the board is the TP4056 chip that is responsible for charging.

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Kittenbot Meowbit - programable, portable game console


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Karel 26.01.2024 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Reasonably expensive but functional piece for learning ARCADE programming. Batteries are not included in the package (nor were they promised) so you will have to find them on Aliexpress. If you are looking for a local variant, be careful with the connector.
Izabela P. 29.07.2021 Confirmed purchase Translated review
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