FORBOT - plexiglas Raspberry Pi 4B case

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Official self-assembly housing FORBOT designed for Raspberry Pi 4B. It provides protection for the board and an interesting, aesthetic appearance. Appropriately designed holes in the housing make it easy to mount e.g. a camera, improve access to GPIO and all connectors.

FORBOT - plexiglas Raspberry Pi 4B case
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Manufacturer: Forbot
Compatibility: Raspberry Pi

Product description: FORBOT - Plexiglas housing for Raspberry Pi 4B

Official casing ofFORBOT.plfor anew version ofthe world popularRaspberry Pi 4Bminicomputer. It provides protection against mechanical damage, prevents accidental short circuits and improves the aesthetics of the tile.A well-thought-out design ofthe casing provides easy access to all raspberry connectors: 2x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0, Ethernet port, USB type C power connector, 2x micro HDMI and audio jack. The housing is equipped with atilt top flapfor attachingthe camera.

Forbot oficjalna budowa raspberry pi 4b

The housing allows to mount the camera and set it at an angle to the top flap (similarly to the housing for Raspberry Pi 3B+ visible in the picture).

spodnia część obudowy forbot do raspberry pi 4 b

View of the bottom part of FORBOT housing for Raspberry Pi 4B. Visible silicone legs, ventilation and mounting holes and fixing screws.

Safe installation of Raspberry Pi 4B.

The casing was designed in such a way that the level of safety of our little raspberry isas high as possible. The plate, placed onplastic spacer sleeves, is screwed to the casingwith four screws. The sleeves protect the electronics against accidental short-circuiting, and the screws make the Raspberry securely hold on to the housing. In addition,four large silicone legsare included to ensure stability. On the bottom wall there areventilation holesand additionalmounting cut-outs, if you want to mount our raspberry to a wall or other device.

Specification of the enclosure for Raspberry Pi 4B

  • Material: Plexiglas
  • Colour: black and transparent
  • The thickness of the walls: 3 mm
  • Dimensions: 90 x 65 x 40 mm

Set contents

The set includesall the wallsneeded to assemble the enclosure,assembly elementssuch as screws, nuts, spacer sleeves, four silicone legs and thenecessary tools- a mini screwdriver and a key with the FORBOT logo. Plexiglas elements have been cut out on a laser plotter and are protected by foil on both sides. In addition, we get amini pull-outwith GPIO leads written out.

Akcesoria do obudowy forbot do raspberry pi 4Accessories included in the FORBOT case - Raspberry Pi 4B.

Colour transparent-black
Case - module Pi 4B
Case - Access to GPIO yes
Case - Flap yes
Package width 11.6 cm
Package height 2.4 cm
Package depth 7.5 cm
Package weight 0.091 kg

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FORBOT - plexiglas Raspberry Pi 4B case


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Maciej 02.02.2023 Confirmed purchase Translated review
The housing is quite OK, in my opinion it has errors in the front and back panels, the holes are too close to the edge, just make it 1 - 1.5 mm wider and make the arches smaller and it should be better. The hole for the tape could be the entire length then it will fit under any camera.
Jarosław R. 02.01.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
A perfectly prepared set
Dariusz G. 17.05.2021 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Housing well-fitted, stable, nothing flies, additionally a nice thing with the possibility of replacing the top cover with a cover with a fan for heat dissipation

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