Bare Conductive Electric Paint - 1l

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Apaint that conducts electricity. Thanks to it it is possible to paint paths on any surface, for example paper, wood, glass or plastic. The jar has a capacity of 1l.

Bare Conductive Electric Paint - 1l
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Product description: Bare Conductive Electric Paint - 1l

Water basedpaint, which conductselectricity. Thanks to it it is possible to paint tracks on any surface, such as paper, wood, glass or plastic. The substance allows also torepair broken trackson printed circuit boards.

Electric Paint - farba przewodząca prąd

The set does not containa brush, it can be purchased separately.

The product is non-toxic, contains no hazardous solvents, dries quickly at room temperature. To remove it you just need water with soap. The jar contains 1 l of paint.

Main features of conductive paint

  • The paint dries in 10-15 minutes at room temperature
  • The surface to be painted must be completely dry
  • The paint can be removed with soapy water
  • Painted paths can be protected with acrylic paint or spray paint
  • The paint will last for several years - assuming the surface is dry
  • Works with: paper, cardboard, wood, plastic, glass, textiles, and many other materials
  • The paint allows to join electronic elements, e.g.LEDswithresistorsand to repair printed circuit boards
  • The substance can be used for joining so-called electrically conductivee-materials
  • Surface resistance is approximately 55 Ω2 for a path thickness of 50 μm

Examples of using Bare Conductive Electric Paint

The manufacturer provides technical support at:info@bareconductive.com

Package width 12 cm
Package height 13 cm
Package depth 12 cm
Package weight 0.118 kg

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