Car rodent repeller - Viano Duo-Led OS-03

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We offer you an excellent ultrasonic rodent repellent for use in cars. In addition to the sound system, which generates ultrasound that is unpleasant for rodents , the device has a built-in high-power LED that emits flashing deterrent light, for example martens.

Car rodent repeller - Viano Duo-Led OS-03
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Manufacturer: Viano

Description: Car rodent repellent - Viano Duo-Led OS-03

We offer you an excellent ultrasonic rodentrepellentfor use in cars. In addition to the sound system, which generates ultrasound that is unpleasant for rodents, thedevice hasa built-inhigh-powerLED that emits flashing deterrent light, for example martens.The de-stresser is powered by 12 V, itisa particularly energy-saving device, the current consumption of the device is 15 mA. The sound generated is distributed within a range of200 m.

Odstraszacz wyposażono dodatkowo w przełącznik kołyskowy.

The dehumidifier is also equipped with a rocker switch.

Rodents pose a serious risk

The practices of rodents can be verydangerousin their effect on people using vehicles. Mice, rats, martens or weasels are animal species commonly found in Poland. It is likely that you or one of your friends has already experienced a situation in which mice, martens or rats have damagedelectric or hydrauliclinesin a caror entereda cabin and devastated the interior.

Upholstery damage by rodents is often verydifficult to repair, and non-functioning systems such as air conditioning or lighting are veryexpensiveto repair. However, the greatest danger is posed by defective systems forsafe driving. A bite in the brake system cable is an extremelydangerous malfunction.It is a very serious threat to health and life, so it is worth protecting yourself against such events.

Odstraszacz wyposażono w dwa buzzery.
The de-stresser is equipped with two buzzers.

Your pets can sleep peacefully

The designers also thought of animals. Dogsor cats alsodrive with their owners or can pass by while they are stopped.The device only operates at frequencies that do not affect thehearing of catsor dogs.

Rodents will not get used to it

The scarecrow for martens, rats and weasels was designed to be as effective aspossible. An animal constantly exposed to ultrasound at one height can get used to it over timeandget into the vehicle despite its protection. This is whythe deterrent isequipped with a system that randomly changesthe frequency of the emittedsounds (within a certain range).

Urządzenie jest bardzo proste w montażu.
The device is very simple to install.

The de-preserver does not harm

Respect for every life and protection of the environment are very important tasks for every person. Until recently, many people used much more primitive, less effective and, above all, inhumane ways of dealing with rodent problems - traps were used. Today, with the development of technology and its popularization, electronicdeterrentscan be the solution, which effectively protect against the disastrouseffects of"uninvited guests"visits. Animals, hearing unpleasant sounds,will simplynot come close to their source.

Adapted to difficult conditions

The device was designed and manufactured by Polish manufacturerViano, who specializes in this kind of equipment. The scarecrow is characterized by extremely effective operation and very good adaptation to the weather conditions that prevail in Poland. It is able to work efficiently both during frosty winter and in full sun. It is worth noting that its operation is based on an electronic transistor system, better able to withstand frequent changes in temperature and humidity than delicate microprocessor systems.

Quick and easy installation

Installation is quick, simple and intuitive. The dehumidifier has two wires terminated witheye connectors. They are suitable for installation on standard car clamps, with the battery under the hood. This location ensures goodultrasoundpropagation near the car and the strongest sound and light signals in the most sensitive place (near the engine).

Urządzenie zasilane jest przy wykorzystaniu konektorów oczkowych.

The device is powered by means of eyelets.

Maintenance-free use

The rodent scarecrow is designed to require no userservice. The device switches itself off when the engine starts and automatically starts rodent deterrence when the driver turns off the ignition. The car owner does not have to worry about high power consumption from the battery when standing still. The dehumidifierisequipped with an economicalpower supplysystem which, according to the manufacturer's data, is able to ensure such low consumption that the device can operate for up to 5months withoutstarting the engine.

Damper specifications

  • Power supply: 12 V
  • Power consumption: 15 mA
  • Angle of ultrasound emission: up to 120°
  • Ultrasonic range: up to 200 metres
  • Operating temperature: from -30°C to 70°C
  • Dimensions 85 x 65 x 36 mm

Voltage to 12.0 V
Voltage from 12.0 V
Package width 8.5 cm
Package height 4.5 cm
Package depth 12 cm
Package weight 0.115 kg

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