A4988 - stepper motor driver

Index: UCC-00500

Bipolar stepper motor controller - A4988, supplied with voltage from 8 to 35 V.

A4988 - stepper motor driver
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Product description: Stepper motor controller - A4988 system

Controller enabling control of stepper motor thanks to module generating logical states likeArduino, STM32, Raspberry.

Power supply

To supply the logical part of the module, a voltage range from 3V to 5.5V is required, which must be led to the VDD pin. Motor supply voltages from 8V to 35V are fed to the VMOT pin.

Fig. 1 Connection of controller with microcontroller.

Connecting and disconnecting the motor while the controller is on can damage the controller.

Resolution A4988

Step size is selected using MS1,MS2,MS3inputs. The possible settings are shown in the table below. Inputs MS1, MS2 and MS3 have an internal pull-down resistor (100kOm).

MS1 MS2 MS3 Resolution
low low low Full step
high low low 1/2 step
low high low 1/4 step
high high low 1/8th step
high high high step 1/16

Other inputs

One pulse given on theSTEPpin causes one motor step in the direction selected by giving the appropriate logical state on theDIRpin. TheSTEPandDIRoutputs are not pulled up internally. If the motor is to turn in only one direction, theDIRpin can be permanently connected toVCCorGND. The system has three more inputs to control power consumption:RSTSLPandENare described in the documentation. Please note that theRSTpin is not pulled up to anything. If not in use, it can be connected to an adjacentSLP pin.

Amodule with A4988 controlleris also available.


  • Supply voltage: 8 to 35 V
  • Current on the coil: 2A
  • Working at 5 different step resolutions:

    • full step
    • 1/2
    • 1/4 step
    • 1/8th step
    • step 1/16
Package width 0.001 cm
Package height 0.001 cm
Package depth 0.001 cm
Package weight 0.001 kg

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