Baby Orangutan B-328 Robot Controller - Pololu 1220

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The robot controller containing an AVR microcontroller, dual channel motor driver and the necessary outputs.

Baby Orangutan B-328 Robot Controller - Pololu 1220
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Manufacturer: Pololu


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  • Microcontroller: Atmega328P AVR
    • Clock frequency: 20 MHz
    • RAM: 2kB
    • Flash memory 32 KB
    • EEPROM: 1KB
  • Motor Driver: TB6612
    • Number of channels: 2
    • Supply voltage of motors: from 5V to 13.5 V
    • Continuous current per channel: 1A
    • Instantaneous current per channel: 3A
    • Maximum PWM frequency: 80 kHz
    • Protection against reverse power supply
  • Dimensions: 30.5 x 17.8 mm
  • Weight 1.5 g (without connectors)


Baby Orangutan is a programmable robot controller. The heart of the module is a popular microcontroller AVR Atmega328P, programmed in the C language, BASCOM-AVR or Assembler. This system is also used in the Arduino platform. The processor is connected to a dual motor driver. Thus, the user can connect and control two DC motors, which make up the drive of the robot. The board also has an LED indicator, a potentiometer connected to analog-to-digital converter and a quartz crystal resonator of 20 MHz.
The module is designed for beginners who want to start working with microcontrollers and robotics, as well as for advanced designers.
Baby Orangutan B-328 - rozkład, schemat wyprowadzeń

The location of the components on the board.

Product features

  • Supply voltage: 5V to 15V
  • Dual-channel, bidirectional motor driver
  • Programmable AVR microcontroller (32 KB flash, 2 KB RAM, 1 KB EEPROM)
  • LED diode
  • Potentiometer attached to the converter analog-to-digital (ADC7)




Diagram of the system


Package width 7 cm
Package height 0.5 cm
Package depth 6.5 cm
Package weight 0.004 kg

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