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Robot controllers

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Maker Pi RP2040 - Cytron

The board features a microcontroller designed by Raspberry Pi - RP2040 . It features a dual channel DC motor controller, 4 leads for servo control and 7 Grove compatible I/O...
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Index: CNT-19611
Index: CNT-19611
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Cytron Maker Mini Sumo - robot controller

The mini sumo robot controller is compatible with Arduino Nano/Uno because it is based on the ATmega328P microcontroller and can be programmed using Arduino IDE . The module...
Index: CTN-16033
Index: CTN-16033
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In this category, we present you with robot control modules. Choosing the right controller and layout is a key issue. If in doubt, you can contact our technical department to quickly get all the information and answers to your questions. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our rich assortment, compatible with the latest microcomputers. Robot controllers are devices that can be used to control both walking machines and advanced IoT (Internet of Things) modules at your home!

Many robot controllers, a lot of possibilities

Nowadays, due to intensive technological development, robot controllers have undergone a real revolution. They used to be associated with programmed remote controls. After pressing the button, the device performed a specific function that was programmed. In practice, the whole mechanism did not differ much from how the TV remote control works.

Of course, today there are also similar simple controllers, but first of all it is worth paying attention to these latest technological solutions. We are talking about advanced robot controllers and microcontrollers.

Many solutions are compatible with popular mobile phone operating systems, so that a given robot can be controlled by the phone. What's more, there are now much more possibilities for programming alone. Nowadays, it's not just simple programming functions such as 'if' or 'on / off'. Today, thanks to advanced wireless connectivity, the modules offer much more possibilities than just a few years ago. Today, robot controllers are specialized units that control the work or movement of robots, machines and all kinds of devices. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our wide range and take advantage of attractive prices.

Find controllers for each type of robot!

In our offer in the category of robot controllers, we offer equipment for all types of machines. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the controllers of robotic arms, controllers of cars and remote boats, drone controllers and flying machines.

We have a comprehensive range adapted to support many types of drives, rotors, wheels and propellers. Any DIY enthusiast will certainly choose equipment that matches his model. Easy assembly is possible thanks to the specialized construction compatible with modern mini computers, thanks to which we avoid unnecessary modifications and minimize the risk of making mistake or damage.

Robot controllers – new technologies, new trends

Robot controllers are constantly changing as a result of new technological solutions. Nowadays, robotics and automation are one of the fastest growing research fields. These solutions are used not only for entertainment, but also in the field of science, business and industry.

The latest trends in reducing the size and ergonomic management of energy used mean that manufacturers must constantly improve their products. What's more, there is very high competition on the market. It all works for the benefit of the potential customer. When you observe products located in this category it would become easy to notice that today we have a very wide variety of micro- and standard robots’ controllers. Specialized robot controllers and microcontrollers can be found and bought easily. In our store we offer advanced technology at affordable prices. Check for yourself what can be found in our categories.

We invite you to place orders. Remember that programmable electronics is our biggest hobby. We love talking about robots! Therefore, if you have any questions, our technical department will help you!