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Mechanical accessories

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Linear Actuator Kit - Kitronik 2595

The Linear Actuator Kit from Kitronik is a mini linear actuator kit designed for self-assembly. The elements are set in motion thanks to the FS90 servo mechanism with a...
Index: KTR-21409
Index: KTR-21409
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Regular price €8.90 Price €8.90

Klaw MK2 Robotic Gripper Kit with servo - Kitronik 25104

The gripper kit can be a great addition to the robot design. The gripper is controlled by a servo motor , which is powered from 3 V to 6 V. The maximum span of the gripper...
Index: KTR-16879
Index: KTR-16879
Shipping in 24 hours
Regular price €11.50 Price €11.50

Klaw Kit - a set of gripper with a servo for the Move Motor robot - for BBC micro: bit - Kitronik 5696

The gripper set is a great addition to the Move Motor robot, which significantly extends the possibilities of the project. The special design allows the module to be...
Index: KTR-18483
Index: KTR-18483
Shipping in 24 hours
Regular price €11.90 Price €11.90

Robotics Components Starter Pack - Kitronik 2078

A set of elements for the construction of your first robot prepared by Kitronik. It contains the basic components that will allow the robot to move - such as motors, wheels,...
Index: KTR-21402
Index: KTR-21402
Shipping in 24 hours
Regular price €43.50 Price €43.50

MyCobot Adaptive Gripper - a gripper for the myCobot M5 arm robot and myCobot Pi - Elephant Robotics

The myCobot Adaptive Gripper manufactured by Elephant Robotics. It is a useful accessory to extend the capabilities of the myCobot arm robot in the M5 and Pi versions. Thanks...
Index: ELP-20227
Index: ELP-20227
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Delivery scheduled for 2023-02-03
Regular price €151.90 Price €151.90

Voltage monitoring module - for intelligent robots - DFRobot DFR0673

A module that allows real-time voltage monitoring . Designed for intelligent robots that are powered by batteries and rechargeable batteries. Its task is to protect against...
Index: DFR-19013
Index: DFR-19013
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Waiting time: 4-6 weeks
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Every automation engineer - both an amateur and a professional designer - is well aware of the fact that control, sensors and software are only half the battle for robots. Equally important are properly selected drives, wheels, mounting elements or ready chassis. As in other technical fields, each application has slightly different requirements. Each time, pay attention to the parameters of individual mechanical parts. For this reason, remember to choose the right mechanical components from the very beginning of the project.

In one of the categories we present a lot of different mechanical accessories. They will be the basis for creating a robot or the necessary parts to expand and modernize an existing project. Here you will find the wonders of modern mechatronics. Engine parts, propulsion systems, as well as stabilizers and gimbals, which are designed to improve the quality of photos taken (mainly from drones). We invite you to familiarize yourself with all the products we have listed below!

Choose wheels for your robot!

Among the mechanical accessories available in our store you will find a very extensive subcategory containing drive wheels. Various types of wheels are used for various robots. We have various drive systems for almost all types of mobile robots. We offer both classic tires with tires with treads of different depths as well as plain wheels, dedicated to racing robots. You will also find mechanical accessories for robots such as fighting mini-sumo robots.

Wheels made of the highest quality polyurethane will work perfectly in the most demanding applications because they have very high adhesion to the ground. However, if you plan to build a robot moving in extremely difficult or uneven terrain, be sure to check ready-made sets of elements for the construction of crawler chassis. We offer specialized chassis for robots as well as track sets and drives for special tasks (implemented for insect robots).

What's more, omni-wheels are interesting, allowing the construction of the so-called holonomic robots (i.e. robots that are able to move in any direction without having to rotate the entire structure). All of our parts are of the highest quality. By buying mechanical components in the Botland store, you can be sure that you choose products with a high compatibility level that allow them to work well with many different kinds of mechanical components!

Mechanical drives for every project you are working on!

As everybody knows, wheels are not everything. Drives are still needed, if you are going to create a complete machine that moves. In our offer you will find stepper, DC and BLDC motors as well as linear engines, EDF rotor drives and even vibration motors. The latter resemble in many respects the modules implemented in game controllers and mobile phones.

In the engine sub-category you will also find various types of miniature pumps, perfect for small hydraulic installations or all types of automatic machines. Among the DC and stepper motors, we have also placed gear motors, allowing for high torque without the need to design and assemble the drive trains yourself.

What's more, Botland has a wide range of servo mechanisms, including servo models. We offer the purchase of both light micro-servos, which are great for small models and miniature robots, as well as solid large servos with ball bearings. Choose exactly what you need most for a particular project.

Mechanical and assembly accessories for robots

If you have already chosen the right drives and wheels, do not forget about the basic mounting elements. The mechanical accessories presented here will allow you to combine all the elements of the robot into one solid whole.

In our store we have provided various types of engine mounts, ready chassis, grippers or pan/tilt mechanisms for use with servos. We offer engine adapters, fasteners such as screws, nuts or washers. In addition, we recommend the purchase of mechanical elements for drones and flying robots: propellers and sets with adapters that allow mounting on motor shafts of various sizes. Also select gears and gears. We invite you to place orders - if you need shopping advice, please contact us!