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SHT31 - digital humidity and temperature sensor I2C - Adafruit 2857

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Humidity and temperature sensor powered by the voltage from 3 V to 5.0 V with I2C interface. The measurement of temperature is from -40 °C to 125 °C, humidity from 0 to 100 % RH.

SHT31 - digital humidity and temperature sensor I2C - Adafruit 2857
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Manufacturer: Adafruit
Compatibility: Arduino


Easy to use temperature and humidity sensor, powered by 3 V to 5.0 V. Communicates through an I2C interface. The accuracy is 0.3°C. The sensor is used, i.a. for meteorological stations and systems of control of the conditions in the premises.



For proper operation, it is sufficient to connect power and data line SDA and clock line SCL. On Board are resistors pulling-up 10 kω.


Adafruit SHT31


Pin Description
VIN Pin of the power supply from 3 V to 5 V.
GND The mass of the system.
SCL Clock line of I2C interface.
SDA Data line of I2C interface.

The address selection I2C. Low state (by default) - 0x44

High - 0x45.

RST The reset of the module is activated by low state.

The pin of the alarm and interruption. Details inthe documentation.


The product is compatible with Arduino

The manufacturer has prepared auser guideanda library along with a sample programfor Arduino users.


Pins are the solder fields, for solderinggoldpin connectors- pitch of 2.54 mm. Therefore, it is possible to connect the system with the breadboardor the main module, using wires. The set includes the goldpin connectors for self-soldering.


  • Supply voltage: 2.5 to 5.0 V
  • Fast response time
  • Two mounting holes with diameter of 3 mm
  • Temperature
    • Measurement range: -40 to 125°C
    • Accuracy: ± 0.3°C
  • Humidity:
    • Measuring range: 0% RH to 100%RH
    • Accuracy: ±2%RH*
  • Interface: I2C
  • I2C address: is 0x45 0x44 or
  • Size: 18 x 25 x 5 mm
  • Weight 0.8 g


*RH - relative humidity is expressed in percents. It is the ratio of actual humidity in the air to its maximum number that can keep the air at a given temperature.


Interface I2C
Sensor - Temperature to 125 °C
Sensor - Temperature accuracy +/- 0.3 °C
Sensor - Temperature from -40 °C - 120 °C
Package width 10 cm
Package height 0.3 cm
Package depth 13 cm
Package weight 0.005 kg

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SHT31 - digital humidity and temperature sensor I2C - Adafruit 2857


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Karol 31.08.2023 Confirmed purchase Translated review
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A very sensitive meter. I will be able to say more after comparing it with the pattern
Marcin K. 21.06.2021 Confirmed purchase Translated review
The results are good and they are reliable, I recommend it to anyone who wants to have a humidity and temperature sensor
Karol 04.03.2024 Confirmed purchase
Tadeusz 23.11.2022 Confirmed purchase

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