JRK G2 21v3 USB - single-channel motor driver with 28V / 2.6A feedback - Pololu 3142

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Extremely easy to use motor controller with feedback support. Available communication interfaces: USB, TTL, I2C, analog and radio. Supply voltage is from 4.5 V to 28 V and continuous current up to 2.6 A.

JRK G2 21v3 USB - single-channel motor driver with 28V / 2.6A feedback - Pololu 3142
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Manufacturer: Pololu
Compatibility: Arduino Raspberry Pi

Product description: JRK G2 21v3 USB - single channel motor controller with feedback 28 V / 2.6 A - Pololu 3142

Extremely simplemotorcontroller withfeedbacksupport belonging to the second generation of JRK controllers - JRK G2. Provides easy speed or position control (but not for both simultaneously). Available communication interfaces: USB, TTL, I2C, analog and radio. Supply voltage isfrom 4.5 V to 28 Vand continuous current up to 2.6 A.

Technical specification of the controller from Pololu

  • Motor supply voltage: from 4.5 V to 28 V
  • Continuous current per channel: 2,6 A
  • Maximum PWM signal frequency: 20 kHz
  • Number of channels: 1
  • Connector: microUSB
  • Interfaces: USB, serial TTL, I2C, RCservo, analog voltage
  • Protection against reverse connection of power supply
  • Dimensions (without connectors): 30 x25x 8 mm
  • Weight(without connectors): 4,5 g

The kit requires simple soldering of basic electronic components.

In our offer you can also find,assembled, ready to work circuit.

Features of the single channel motor controller with feedback

  • Easy open or closed loop control of oneDC motor
  • 5 control interfaces
    • USB: direct connection to the computer
    • Serial TTL: works with 5 V, to connect to a microcontroller
    • I2C: for connection to microcontroller
    • Radio signalfor connection to RC system
    • Analog voltagefor use with apotentiometeror pad
  • Feedback options
    • Analog voltage; 0 V to 5 V - for closed loop system
    • Frequency:for speed control using pulse counting
    • None: for open loop
    • (the controller does not support quadrature encoders)
  • 20 kHz ultrasonic PWM - silent operation (5 kHz can also be set)
  • Simple control and calibration using dedicated software
  • Configurable:
    • PID coefficients
    • Maximum current
    • Maximum PWM signal filling
    • Maximum acceleration and deceleration
    • Fault response
    • Input calibration for analogue and RC control
  • CRC error detection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Firmware upgradeable

Pinout and description

Pololu Jrk G2 21v3

Comparison of JRK with the new generation - JRK G2

The new G2 family has many improvements compared to the older JRKs. The JRK G2 drivers support higher operating voltages and higher currents, yet are smaller than their predecessors. Other features:

  • Hardware current limiting - the controller limits the motor current if it exceeds a set threshold
  • More accurate speed control at low frequencies
  • I2C interface for increased controllability
  • Possibility to measure VIN voltage to monitor power supply or batteries
  • MicroUSBconnector instead of miniUSB
  • Speed reduction limitation (JRK first version had only acceleration limitation)
  • PID coefficients can be changed live via UART, I2C or USB

The JRK G2 controllers are software compatible with the older version, so there is no need to replace the control application.

Voltage to 4.5 V
Voltage from 28.0 V
Current 2.6 A
Channels 1
Package width 8.3 cm
Package height 1 cm
Package depth 11.5 cm
Package weight 0.009 kg

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