Pololu NCP1402 - step-up converter - 5V 0,2A

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Miniature step-up converter. Input voltage 0.8 V to 5 V. Output current 200 mA. Output voltage 5 V.

Pololu NCP1402 - step-up converter - 5V 0,2A
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Manufacturer: Pololu


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  • Supply voltage: 0.8 V to 5 V
  • Output voltage: 5 V
  • Output current: 200 mA
  • Dimensions: 12.7 x 8.4 x 3.8 mm
  • Weight without connectors: 0.6 g

See NCP1402 system documentation for details.


Miniature integrated circuit-based inverter moduleNCP1402. It works properly from 0.8 V, so it can be used as a 5-volt power source for small, lightweight batteries.


The module has three outputs: VIN- input, GND-groundandVOUT-output,which makes it extremely easy to use. The connectors are properly signed on the board. Raster of 2,54 mm - popular goldpin connectors,allowthe module to be mounted in a contact board or connectedwithwires.

Efficiency of the system

Efficiency is defined as the ratio of output power to input power (Power out)/(Power in). This is a very important parameter in the case of operation with portable power sources (batteries and accumulators), where the time of operation on one charging cycle counts. The efficiency of this system depends on the voltage given

Sprawność przetwornicy NCP1402

Efficiency of the module depends on the current consumed.


The module has all the necessary passive components for proper functioning of the system.

Diagram of the inverter module.

Length 13 mm
Width 8 mm
Height 4 mm
Voltage to 0.8 V
Voltage from 5.0 V
Voltage output from 5.0 V
Output voltage to 5.0 V
Nominal output voltage 5.0 V
Current 0.2 A
Stabilizer - Type2 switching
Stabilizer - Type step-up
Package width 0.001 cm
Package height 0.001 cm
Package depth 0.001 cm
Package weight 0.001 kg

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