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End sensors for 3D printers - Creality

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Limit switch - endstop - for 3D printers - Creality

A  limit switch (Endstop) is a component used in 3D printers to stop moving parts of the system - such as carriage or table movements. It also detects when the X, Y or Z axes...
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Index: CRL-19684
Index: CRL-19684
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3D printer CR-200B limit switch

Limit switch module used in Creality CR-200B 3D printer. The product consists of the actual limit sensor and plug - soldered into the board . It is an original printer...
Index: CRL-20485
Index: CRL-20485
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How do the limit sensors work?

Limit switches (also known as endstops) are components that are used to stop moving parts safely. In addition, they are used to detect situations when the Y, X and Z axes would be in extreme positions, and more precisely in the maximum and minimum settings. Some Creality limit switches are equipped with a special lever. It is responsible for increasing the distance that is needed to safely brake the moving elements of the 3D printer. An additional benefit is the provision of a margin of error, which translates into increased safety when using 3D printers. If 3D printers did not have limit sensors, there is a high risk of damage to moving and stationary components. In addition, other equipment located next to the 3D printer may be damaged.

What else distinguishes the limit sensors for Creality 3D printers?

The Botland store's offer includes original limit sensors (also called limit switches) for Creality 3D printers. By choosing original spare parts, you can count on full compatibility, and at the same time reliable operation and a long service life. Selected components available in this category have a socket that allows them to be connected to the motherboard. In addition, we offer sensors with wires that can be used for connection.

Before making the final purchase decision, it is necessary to check the compatibility with your 3D printer. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact our experienced advisors by e-mail, telephone or via the contact form.