High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle for engravering laser PL3HD

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High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle for engravering laser PL3HD
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Manufacturer: Opt Lasers

Product description: High pressure air cooled nozzle for PLH3D engraving laser

Set of OPT Lasers company consisting ofair-cooled nozzle under high pressure and mounting elements for PLH3Dlaser heads. With the use of air-cooled nozzle, it is possible to laser cutwithout visible dark tracescaused by burning material. With its help it is also possible toincrease the speed of cutting and engravingup to6.5 timescompared to the base speed. The nozzle is compatible with all types of XF + laser heads. The use of cooling nozzle extends the life of front lens, by cleaning it from dust particles and smoke generated during the laser operation. The nozzle pressure height can be adjusted for different material thicknesses by+8 / -4 mmfor the XF + laser head or+5 / -4 mmfor the XF + laser head with µSpot lens enhancement.

Dysza chłodzona powietrzem pod wysokim ciśnieniemNozzle cooled by high pressure air.
Dysza do głowicy laserowejNozzle for laser head.

Main features of the nozzle

  • Compatible with all types of XF + laser heads - four screw holes ensure compatibility with both previous generation µSpot heads and the XF + laser head with µSpot lens upgrade.
  • High-pressure airflow - a narrow 2.2mm gap at the outlet condenses the airflow for maximum airflow.
  • Convenient air line connector - allows for quick setup and removal of nozzle system.
  • Adjustable nozzle height (+8 / -4 mm for XF + and +5 / -4 mm with µSpot Lens Upgrade) - allows the nozzle to be used for laser cutting and engraving materials of varying thickness, up to 10 mm for XF + and up to 7 mm for XF + with µSpot Lens Upgrade.
  • Hermetic O-ring seal - ensures the front lens remains as clean as possible and the nozzle height is consistently and precisely adjusted.
  • Lightweight aluminum construction - thin industrial-grade aluminum construction provides negligible additional weight while still creating a sturdy housing.

Kit includes

  • High-pressure air-cooled nozzle
  • XF + lens adapter sleeve
  • Cable connector (M5 / 4 mm)
  • O-ring seal (8x1 FPM)
  • Air tube (Ø4 mm with 7 m length)
  • Four screws M3 x 3
  • Four screws M3 x 5
Zawartość zestawuContents of the kit.
Package width 15 cm
Package height 3 cm
Package depth 25 cm
Package weight 0.144 kg

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