Fermion - ultrasonic sensor 15-900 cm - URM13 - DFRobot SEN0352

Index: DFR-19197 EAN: 6959420918164
Ultrasonic distance sensor equipped with URM13 chip. It can measure distances from 15 cm to 900 cm with an accuracy of 1 cm and a distance error of ± 1%. For communication it uses I2C and TRIG / UART (Modbus-RTU) buses, so it has more possibilities for real use and use in projects. The sensor features high measurement precision and maintains stable performance even in complex design scenarios.
Fermion - ultrasonic sensor 15-900 cm - URM13 - DFRobot SEN0352
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Manufacturer: DFRobot
Compatibility: Arduino Raspberry Pi

Product description: Fermion - ultrasonic distance sensor 15-900 cm - URM13 - DFRobot SEN0352

Ultrasonicdistance sensorequipped withURM13chip. Allows distance measurement in the rangefrom 15 cm to 900cm with an accuracy of1 cmand a distance error of± 1%. For communication it usesI2CandTRIG/UART(Modbus-RTU) buses, so it has more possibilities of real use and use in projects. The sensor featureshigh measurement precisionand maintainsstable performanceeven in complex design scenarios.

Product compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

The manufacturer provides a detaileduser guidethat includes, among other things, an extended description of the leads, sample program codes and instructions for compiling them.

Fermion: Czujnik ultradźwiękowy 15-900 cm - URM13 - DFRobot

Fermion: 15-900 cm ultrasonic sensor - URM13 - DFRobot.

Użytkownik posiada możliwość wyboru magistrali interfejsu komunikacyjnego.

The user has a choice of communication interface bus.

Special features

  • Automatic noise detection and real-time calibration
  • Small and compact body, high sensitivity and measurement accuracy
  • Compatible with HC-SR04
  • It is recommended to use the sensor with a controller containing at least two serial ports
  • UART and I2C communication interface, RS485 extension support
  • Provides users with two measurement ranges to meet different application requirements:
    • short range from 15 cm to 150 cm with a detection frequency of up to 50 Hz, suitable for obstacle avoidance of indoor robots
    • long range from 40 cm to 900 cm with 10 Hz and high sensitivity, suitable for scenarios or projects in open terrain that require high accuracy and a large measuring range
    • sensing ranges can be triggered multiple times in real use to achieve full range measurements

Set contents

  • URM13 ultrasonic sensor
  • Goldpin terminal strip 1x4 pin - 2,54 mm

Leads description and example circuit diagram

The sensor has leads in a form of soldering fields, to which goldpin connectors should be soldered - 2,54 mm raster (an appropriate connector is included in the set). The sensor module is compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards. Connect the components according to the following relation:

  • VCC - power supply pin from 3.3 V to 5.5 V
  • GND - ground
  • C/T (UART-TX / I2C-SCL) - communication interface clock line (UART by default)
  • DR (UART-RX / I2C-SDA) - communication interface data line (UART by default)
  • EN (Power Enable) - power on pin
  • BUSY - control pin
  • ECHO - I2C signal output
  • TRIG - I2C signal input
Przykład połączenia czujnika z płytką DFRobot Leonardo - pochodnej Arduino. Płytka nie wchodzi w skład zestawu, można ją kupić osobno w naszym sklepie.

Example of connecting sensor with DFRobot Leonardo board - Arduino derivative. The board is not included in the set, you can buy it separately in our shop.

Zestaw zawiera dedykowane złącze goldpin - raster 2,54 mm.

Kit includes dedicated goldpin connector - 2.54 mm pitch.

Technical specification of the sensor

  • Module: ultrasonic sensor
  • Embedded circuit: URM13
  • Measuring range: from 15 cm to 900 cm
  • Resolution of measurement: 1 cm
  • Measurement accuracy: ± 1%
  • Sensitivity level: 6
  • Operating voltage: 3.3 V to 5.5 V
  • Maximum instantaneous operating current: 350 mA
  • Sensor acoustic frequency: 40 ± 1 kHz
  • Sensor measurement direction angle: 60° (-6dB)
  • Communication interface: I2C and TRIG / UART (Modbus-RTU)
  • Operating temperature range: -10°C to 70°C
  • Module dimensions: 20 x 22 mm
Package width 5.5 cm
Package height 6 cm
Package depth 2.5 cm
Package weight 0.01 kg

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