TB67S279FTG Stepper Motor Driver Carrier 47V/2A - Pololu 2974

Index: PLL-12227 EAN: 5904422318901

Stepper motordriver based onTB67S279FTGchip . Powered by a voltage range of 10 - 47 V, with a maximum current consumption of 2 A per coil. Maximum resolution: 1 / 32 steps. Thanks to the TB67S279FTG driver, the chip can dissipate more heat, which allows 1,2 A current flow without a heatsink.

TB67S279FTG Stepper Motor Driver Carrier 47V/2A - Pololu 2974
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Manufacturer: Pololu
Compatibility: Arduino Raspberry Pi

Product description: TB67S279FTG - 47V/2A stepper motor driver - Pololu 2974

The circuit allows tocontrol a stepper motorwith a device that allows togenerate logic states, e.g.Arduino,STM32Discovoery,Raspberry Pior anymicrocontroller.Pololu module is characterized by verysimple operation. Rising edge of each impulse on CLK (STEP) pin corresponds to one step.Selection of the direction is performed by giving the appropriate state to the CW/CCW (DIR) pin (e.g. low state - clockwise rotation, high state - anticlockwise rotation). The controller can also selecttheresolution ofmotor operation.

Controller connection

To control a bipolar stepper motor you should connect the system according to the diagram below.

sterownik slników krokowych - podłączenie

Minimum wiring diagram to connect the microcontroller to the TB67S2x9FTG.

The controller requires a supply voltage from 10 V to 47 V, which will be connected to the VIN and GND pins.

Power supply for the motor controller

To supply the logic part of the module requires a voltage of 5 V, which should be connected to pinVDD PIN. The motor supply voltage from 10 V to 47 V is applied to the pinVIN PIN.


Connecting and disconnecting the motor while the controller is on can damage the system.

Resolution and step size

The step size is selected using the DMODE0, DMODE1, DMODE2 inputs. The possible settings are shown in the table below. The MS1, MS2 and MS3 inputs have an internal pull-down resistor (100kΩ).

MS1 MS2 MS3 Resolution
low low low Standby mode
low low high Full step
low high low Non-wheeling half step ('a')
low high high 1/4 step
high low low circular half step ("b")
high low high 1/8 step
high high low 1/16 step
high high high 1/32nd step

Controlling TB67S279FTG

The rising edge of each pulse on the CLK pin (STEP) corresponds to one step. The direction is selected by applying the appropriate state to the CW/CCW (DIR) pin (e.g. low state - clockwise rotation, high state - counterclockwise rotation). If the motor is to rotate in one direction only, the DIR pin can be left unplugged.

When the RESET pin goes high, the driver resets its state in the translator array, which outputs to the initial value of 45°. This corresponds to 100% of the current limit on both coils in full step and non-wheel half step modes. The RESET pin does not disable the motor outputs, the controller will continue to supply current to the motor but will not give information to the CLK output

The TB67S2x9FTG can detect several error conditions that report causing one or both LO pins to be low. The manufacturer has includeda table of error combinations on the LO1 and LO2 pinsin thedocumentation.

A detailed description of each pin can be found on themanufacturer's website.

Package width 8.5 cm
Package height 0.8 cm
Package depth 7 cm
Package weight 0.01 kg

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