3D printer - Creality DP-002 - resin + UV

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3D printer made by Creality is designed to print elements with dimensions of 170 x 128 x 80 mm. The size of the printer: 770 x 380 x 320 mm. UV technology and liquid light-cure resin were applied for printing. The printer allows you to print, for example, dental elements.

3D printer - Creality DP-002 - resin + UV
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3D printer made by Creality is designed to print elements with dimensions of170 x 128 x 80 mm. The size of the printer: 770 x 380 x 320 mm.UV technologyandliquid light-cure resin were applied for printing. The printer allows you to print, for example,dental elements.

Drukarka 3D - Creality DP-002

The subject of the sale is the original printer by Creality 3D.

UV Technology

UV technology is a kind of light-processing technology that uses a certain wavelength of UV light that allows you to create models with liquid epoxy acrylic resin synthesized at high speed.

Technologia UV w drukarce Creality DP-002

UV Technology in Creality 3D Printer DP-002.

Room for molding

The 3D Printer Creality DP-002 features an integrated 3D printing andcuring process.

Creality DP-002 pomieszczenie do modelowania

Aluminum trough

The printer was equipped with an aluminum trough with better protection and easy replacement, it has even 5 times longer service life than a normal trough.

Aluminiowe koryto w drukarce Creality DP-002

Thin print

The accuracy of printing the DLP depends on the quality and thickness of each print layer, achieving high-quality printing is possible thanks to the unique method of spot correction.

Large, touch-sensitive display

The printer has a large touch display with a diagonal 7". With the 4 buttons we have access to all the functions of the printer, which makes working with it very simple.

Creality DP-002 z dużym, dotykowym wyświetlaczem

Printing dental models

Thanks to the high print accuracy level of +/- 20 to 50 micrometers it is possible to see even the smallest details of the print. Print area becomes soft and smooth and exudes a luter of resin.


In the kit, except for the parts needed to assemble the printer, it also contains additional accessories. Tools that help in the process of printing a 3D model.

Creality DP-002 - akcesoria

The accessories included in the kit for 3D Printer Creality DP-002

The device was assembled by the manufacturer.

Technical specification
Power supply:

from 110 V-220 V (AC - AC)

Working voltage:

24 V (built-in power supply)

Full power: 180 W
Display: LCD 7"
Print speed: from 2 to 8 sec/layer
Precision printing: ± 0.05 mm
Layer thickness: from 0.005 mm to 0.1 mm
Differentiating X, Y:

0.1 mm

Supported filament:

liquid light-cure resin

Operating system: Windows
Mode of operation: Online, USB, SD card
File format: STL, STC
Generation method: manual or automatic
Software: DLP Slicing
Print size:

170 x 128 x 80 mm

The dimensions of the printer: 770 x 380 x 320 mm
Weight: 25 kg


  • Printer
  • Light-cure resin

3D - print surface 170x128x80 mm
3D - type of printout UV - resin
3D - accuracy of printing 0.05 mm
3D - hotend amount 1
3D - printing speed 2 s/warstwa
3D - printing thickness 0.005 - 0.1 mm
Package width 0.001 cm
Package height 0.001 cm
Package depth 0.001 cm
Package weight 0.001 kg

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