RedBot Basic Kit SparkFun - robot construction kit - compatible with Arduino

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A universal platform allowing to build, among others, a line follower robot. The set works directly with Arduino IDE environment, it has an engine controller, sensors and the necessary mechanical components: motors, wheels and chassis.

RedBot Basic Kit SparkFun - robot construction kit - compatible with Arduino
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The set includes: chassis with DC motors, main board (ArduinoUnocompliant) withmotor controller and sensors, including line sensors and accelerometer. The elements allow to build mobile robots, e.g. following the line follower. Detailed description can be found in themanualprepared by the manufacturer.


The chassis is a double-plate platform made of ABS plastic to which two DC motors with 65 mm diameter wheels are attached. The chassis elements have mounting holes for mounting various types of sensors and controllers.

This is the third version of the robot, in which the color of the chassis has been changed and motors with a double shaft have been added. They enable mounting of the encoders directly on the motor shaft, thanks to which the user gains higher resolution of the measured size.


The main module has mounting holes and numerous sockets for sensors, motors and servos. TheminiUSB connectoris used for programming, the heart of the system is anArduino Unocompliant ATmega328 microcontroller.

RedBot Basic Kit SparkFun - zestaw do budowy robota zgodny z ArduinoArduino compliant Redbot motherboard.

Arduino compatible product

The motherboard is compatible with Arduino environment, which means that to program the robot you only need Arduino IDE environment andminiUSB cableinstalled. The manufacturer providesa libraryto handle the components included in the kit.

The set includes

RedBot basic Kit SparkFun

Contents of the RedBot Basic Kit SparkFun.


  • Arduino Uno compliant controller
  • TB6612 Dual Motor Controller
  • Engines
    • The tension of work: 4,5 V
    • Torque: 0.8 kg*cm (0.78 Nm)
    • Engine speed without load: 140 +/- 10 rpm
    • Motor current consumption without load: 190 mA (max. 250 mA)
    • Motor current consumption when the shaft is stopped: 1 A
  • Wheels:
    • Diameter: 65 mm
    • Width: 30 mm
    • Plastic rims with rubber tyres
  • Construction dimensions: 110 x 174 mm

We also offer theRedBot Kit.

The kit requires self-assembly, instructions can be found onthe manufacturer's website.

Package width 0.001 cm
Package height 0.001 cm
Package depth 0.001 cm
Package weight 0.001 kg

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