SparkFun Inventor's Kit for Genuino 101

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A set of electronic components to facilitate the start of programming and interaction with equipment using the Genuino 101 board, including: LEDs, resistors, sensors, ICs, motors, LCD display and Genuino 101 base board - equipped with 32-bit Intel Curie microcontroller.

SparkFun Inventor's Kit for Genuino 101
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A set of electronic components to facilitate the start of programming and interaction with equipment using the Genuino 101 board, including: LEDs, resistors, sensors, ICs, motors, LCD display andGenuino 101base board-equipped with 32-bitIntel Curiemicrocontroller.

SparkFun Inventor's Kit

Example project, made on the basis of elements from the set.

What is in the set?

In addition to the main module and contact board with connection wires, the set also includes LEDs,resistors,sensors,motors,servoandLCD display, whoseoperation and method of connection is described in detail in the manual on the manufacturer's website. It contains 21 sample projects that will teach you how to control and read external sensors, operate Genuino 101overthe phone, detect various sounds and much more.

Motherboard - Genuino 101

Arduino compatiblemodule equipped with 32-bitIntel Curiemicrocontrollerwithx86 Quark architecture and ARC 32-bit 32 MHz. It has 196 kB of flash memory, 24 kB SRAM, 14 digital inputs/outputs of which 4 can be used as PWM channels, 6 analog inputs and popular communication interfaces. The outputs work with a voltage of 3.3 V but tolerate 5 V. The board also has a Bluetooth LE module and an accelerometer and gyroscope.

An exemplary design based on the elements of the set - the use of a transistor to control a DC motor.

Check the detailed user guide!

Sample projects

The manufacturer provides adetailed guidewith as many as 21 translation projects. Thanks to the illustrations and programs available, the user can easily perform all exercises. List of sample projects:

  1. LED flashing
  2. Reading the potentiometer
  3. RGB LED support
  4. Multiple LED support
  5. Reading button status
  6. Support for SPDT type switch
  7. Reading the photoresistor
  8. RGB diode colour mixing
  9. Temperature sensor reading
  10. Servomechanism support
  11. Use of a transistor
  12. Use of the engine controller
  13. Motor Controller with inputs
  14. Use of piezo buzzer
  15. Use of the sound detection module
  16. Use of the sliding register
  17. Use of the LCD display
  18. Use of built-in accelerometer
  19. Tap detection
  20. Use of the built-in RTC system
  21. Use of built-in Bluetooth

The set includes:

1 Genuino 101- a board fully compatible with the latest Arduino with Bluetooth, RTC, accelerometer and gyroscope.
2 Metalowa podkładka Metal washerfor Arduino and contact plate.
3 Płytka stykowa - 400 otworów Contact plate 400 fields.
4 Pudełko Plastic boxfor storing all the items in the kit.
5 Wkrętak Screwdriver- a small, flat screwdriver.
6 Wyświetlacz LCD 16x2 16x2 LCD displaywith white characters on black background - popular alphanumeric display with available library for Arduino and soldered goldpin connectors.
7 Sound detector- a simple module for sound detection.
8 TB6612FNG motor controller - a two-channelcontroller for DC motors.
9 Geramotor hobby- two 140 rpm DC motors.
10 4 AA batteries basketwith Jack connector.
11 Rejestr przesuwny Sliding 8-bit 74HC595 sensor- enables e.g. to control more diodessavingArduino digital outputs.
12 NPN BC337 transistor- semiconductor systems allowing, among other things, to control elements which consume more current than a single microcontroller pin can provide.
13 Dioda 1N4148 Diode 1N4148- signaldiode, with a maximum current of 200 mA and voltage up to 100 V, details inthe documentation.
14 Silnik Sprocket motor- DC motor with wires and mounted attack sprocket, supplied with 1 - 3 V, with current consumption up to 110 mA.
5 Przekaźnik
SPDT JZC-11F relay- 5 V coil supply voltage, the contacts can switch up to 5 A, details inthe documentation.
16 Serwo typu micro Micro A0090 servowith ploughing - similar parameters to HS-55.
17 Czujnik temperatury TMP36 Temperature sensor TMP36- analog thermometer powered from 2.7 to 5.5 V with a measuring range from -40 °C to +125 °C, details in the documentation.
18 USB A-B SparkFun cable -used to connect Arduino with your computer. It is 1.8 m long.
19 Przewody połączeniowe
20 Fotorezystor Photoresistor 1 - 10k- a sensor enabling measurement of the intensity of incident light, e.g. it will detect whether the room is dark or light.
21 Dioda RGB RGB common cathode - LEDwith four leads illuminates in all colours.
22 Diody LED A set of 5 m LEDs (20 pieces)-5 pieces of red, blue, green and yellow.
23 Set of coloured buttons -red, blue, green and yellow.
24 Potencjometr The 10k rotary potentiometer- similarly to the buttons connected to the analogue outputs - can be used as an element of the user interface - a simple knob.
25 Buzzer Buzzer with generator- a 5-volt simple sound generator.
6 SPDT switch- miniature switch type SPDT.
Rezystory A set of resistors (20 pieces) -10 pieces of 10 kΩ and 100 Ω each.
28 Batteries AA- two 1500 mAh alkaline batteries.

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Package weight 0.001 kg

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