RGB LED Strip WS2812B - digital, addressed - IP65 144 LED/m, 43,2W/m, 5V - 1m

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Individually addressable RGB LEDs, which are located in 1-meter strap with a density of 144 LEDs per meter. Each pixel may emit a color from 24-bit palette. One microcontroller pin is enough to control the module.

RGB LED Strip WS2812B - digital, addressed - IP65 144 LED/m, 43,2W/m, 5V - 1m
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Individually addressable RGB LEDs, which are located in 1-meter strap with a density of 144 LEDs per meter. Each pixel may emit a color from 24-bit palette. One microcontroller pin is enough to control the module (for example,Arduino).

The LEDs are arranged densely, at a distance of about 7 mm, because of this, the brightness is very high. A lot of power, however, requires efficient power supply. The system is powered by 5 Volts, consumes app. 1.8 A per meter (9 W). The chain has the possibility of crossing each diode.



The used communication protocol allows the serial connection of the LEDs. Another chain should be connected to the output connector, combining with each other respectively, 5V, GND and DOUT with DIN. The manufacturer notes that when working with more than 500 LEDs, then may not be enough RAM in the system the Arduino Uno. You should also note that every following matrix will require increasing of the productivity power.



The device has a 3-pin connector consisting of the following leads:

  • GND (white wire)- module weight
  • 5 V (red wire)- voltage supply, to one matrix should be connected a source with a current delivery of at least 2 A at each meter of chain
  • DIN (green wire)- digital control signal from the microcontroller



The product is compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi


Installation of the Adafruit library for Arduino:

  1. Download the library fromthe website GtitHubby clicking the buttonDownload ZIP
  2. Unzip the downloaded ZIP file, the result should be the folder that contains the files: Adafruit_NeoPixel.cpp That Adafruit_NeoPixel.h and other subfolders
  3. Rename the main folder to: Adafruit_NeoPixel
  4. Move the entire folder to the directory that contains the Arduino library, by default, it should be on the path: /Documents/Arduino/Libraries
  5. Start again the Arduino environment, the library will appear in the Menu: File -> Examples


First run - example simple

  • Run the test program by choosing in the Arduino environment:
    • File -> Examples -> Adafruit_Neopixel -> simple
  • Select the pin which will control the LEDs. By default, it is the pin 6:
    • Line 11#define PIN 6
  • Select the number of pixels that must be controlled. By default, it is 16:
    • Line 14#define NUMPIXELS 16
  • Upload a program into Arduino. Pixels should ignite in order to the amount specified in line 14.
  • If you want to change the glow color, enter different values into the function:
    • Line 40pixels.setPixelColor(and pixels.Color(0,150,0))
      In parenthesis are the components of RGB, the maximum value of each is 255
  • Change of the speed of ignition of the individual pixels is possible by editing the value:
    • Line 21int delayval = 500;


WS2812B LED strap in combination with anArduino Uno.



  • Supply voltage: 5 V
  • Power: max. 43,2 W/m
  • Current consumption: 1.8 A per 1 meter of chain with white color
  • The LEDs used in the LED-RGB-SMD5050 WS2812b
  • Addressed pixel: 1 led RGB
  • Resistance to external conditions: IP65 (silicone cover)
  • Tape width: 10 mm
  • Chain length: 1 m


Cable length 1.0 m
Voltage to 5.0 V
Voltage from 5.0 V
Voltage nominal 5 V
Nominal power 9.0 W
Tightness class IP65
LED - color RGB
LED - type WS2812B
LED - digital yes
LED - LEDs 144 per meter
LED lens clear
LED wavelength RGB
Package width 12 cm
Package height 1 cm
Package depth 16 cm
Package weight 0 kg

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RGB LED Strip WS2812B - digital, addressed - IP65 144 LED/m, 43,2W/m, 5V - 1m


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