Discovery Kit for BBC micro:bit - electronic parts set - Kitronik 5666

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The BBC's micro:bit Discovery Kit is a set of elements designed especially for beginners who want to start their adventure with electronics and programming. The kit includes a set of passive elements, a universal board, cables and an adapter to connect the BBC micro: bitmodule.

Discovery Kit for BBC micro:bit - electronic parts set - Kitronik 5666
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Manufacturer: Kitronik
Compatibility: Micro:bit

Product Description: Kitronik Discovery Kit for BBC micro:bit - set of electronic components

Electronic components KitronikDiscovery Kit for the BBC micro:bitis designed for the youngest who want to start their adventure withelectronics and programming.The whole set is packed in ahandy, strong organizer, which makes it easier to keep order. The kit requires theBBC micro:bitmodule to work.

The BBC micro:bit is not part of the kit. It must be purchased separately.

Zawartość zestawu Kitronik Discovery Kit.

Kitronik Discovery Kit contents.

Detailed instructions and intuitive programming

The set is accompanied by adetailed manual inthe form of a book - a tutorial, which describesstep-by-stepprojects that can be carried out using the set. Thanks to such a detailed description,everyone,regardless of their level of knowledge, canstartperforming tasks. The manual leads step by step through five simple, impressive projects. Programming takes place in a friendly MicosoftMakeCodeenvironment, ina graphic form, which ensures code transparency.

Additional materials
The manufacturer providesadditional materials andmanuals.

Main features of the set

With simplepassive elements,the Kitronik Discovery Kit is a great introduction to the world of electronics and programming. The designs are well thought-out,use all elements of the kitand do not require soldering. After completing all the tasks from the guide, the elements can be used for further prototyping and expanding your knowledge. Possible projects are

  • LED control circuit
  • Buzzer closet
  • A sequence of lights
  • Digital LED thermometer
  • Traffic lights with pedestrian crossing

Kitronik Discovery Kit

A sample project created with the Kitronik Discovery Kit.

Kit comparison

Function Inventor's Kit Discovery Kit
Number of elements 50+ 20+


Yes Yes
Buzzer Yes Yes
Engine Yes No
Buttons Yes No
Potentiometer Yes No
Resistors Yes Yes
Transistor Yes No
Light sensor Yes No
Capacitor Yes No
Prototype plate Yes No
Adapter for micro:bit Exit expander Adapter for contact plate
Contact plate Yes Yes
User guide Yes Yes
Storage container No Yes
Requires submission Yes No
Number of projects 12 (10 in the guide, 2 per page) 5
Expandability No Yes

The kit includes:

  • Adapter for BBC modules micro:bit
  • Multi-purpose tile
  • Red LED 10 mm - 2 pieces.
  • Yellow LED 10 mm - 2 pcs.
  • Green LED 10 mm - 2 pcs.
  • 330Ω resistor- 10 pcs.
  • Piezoelectric buzzer - 1 pc.
  • Male wires - 10 pcs.
  • Guide book

Package width 11.3 cm
Package height 18 cm
Package depth 3.1 cm
Package weight 0.196 kg

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