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RPi Zero mounting elements

Miniature computers series Raspberry Pi are flexible – they can play the role of a Desktop PC equipped with mouse, keyboard and monitor, and check how the system performs the function driver that performs well-defined field of activities in the management of such physical processes as opening and closing of automatic gates, or the measurement of the parameters defining the environmental conditions. To be able to safely and securely use minikomputera, we have prepared a wide range of panels and components such as strap type, goldpin, nuts and bolts or sleeve spacer. Because of this, Your Raspberry Pi will be Zero stably mounted in the housing and protected from mechanical damage electrical connections and printed circuit BOARDS. We offer mounting elements allow a stable fastening of the lining of the HAT extensions. In offer we also have radiators and fans that perfectly implement the process of heat dissipation from the processor.

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Mounting plate for Raspberry Pi Zero and HQ camera

A simple solution for mounting the Raspberry Pi Zero together with an HQ camera . It allows to mount HQ camera on one side and Raspberry Pi Zero mini-computer on the other....
Index: PIH-16678
Index: PIH-16678
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Set of heat sinks for Raspberry Pi with thermoconductive tape + engraving - 3pcs.

Set consisting of three heat sinks in blue, copper and gold with engraved Raspberry Pi logo. They can be used to cool Raspberry Pi 4B / 3B+ / 3B / 2B minicomputer circuits.
Index: GRL-15287
Index: GRL-15287
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