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RPi Zero mounting elements

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Set of heat sinks for Raspberry Pi with thermoconductive tape + engraving - 3pcs.

Set consisting of three heat sinks in blue, copper and gold with engraved Raspberry Pi logo. They can be used to cool Raspberry Pi 4B / 3B+ / 3B / 2B minicomputer circuits.
Index: GRL-15287
Index: GRL-15287
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Mounting plate for Raspberry Pi Zero and HQ camera

A simple solution for mounting the Raspberry Pi Zero together with an HQ camera . It allows to mount HQ camera on one side and Raspberry Pi Zero mini-computer on the other....
Index: PIH-16678
Index: PIH-16678
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The best mounting hardware for Raspberry Pi Zero - advanced, stable, original

If, like us, you love creating new applications and computer systems, Internet of Things projects and others, you surely know very well how important good assembly elements are. Raspberry Pi Zero is a very efficient board to which we can connect many output devices. Its computing power allows the creation of advanced embedded systems and even robots. The architecture of the fourth generation computer from the Raspberry system allows for any interference with other systems and a significant increase in possibilities. However, all this will only work if you have the right accessories at hand. In this category, you can buy simple and more advanced Raspberry Pi Zero mounting hardware. All products are brand new and original. In Botland they are available at attractively low prices. By purchasing such parts, you will be able to create a successful individual electronic project. It can be a robot, home lighting control system, property monitoring or some other cool gadget that will make your daily life much easier.

Raspberry Pi mounting elements - correct installation of boards and components

High-performance microcomputers of the latest generation Raspberry allow you to connect many components and devices. You can add more modules and segments in several different ways. The most popular are connectors and cables dedicated to the Raspberry Pi. Some modules can work remotely (Wi-Fi / Bluetooth communication). Sometimes some hardware requires simple soldering of cables. Comfortable cable cubes are a good solution, thanks to which you can connect the cables without soldering. An even better solution can be goldpin connectors, which completely eliminate the need for soldering and allow for quick connection and disconnection of components.

When creating your electronic project, remember about the rules of proper module placement. The high computing power of the Raspberry Pi means that a lot of electricity generates heat. This is dangerous especially for the CPU - the heart of your system. One of the most common causes of computer failure is a lack of proper ventilation and efficient cooling. Therefore, choose mounting elements for the Raspberry Pi that will allow you to keep order and space between the various components. It is also worth investing in an additional heat sink with the support of tape or a special cooling paste. In this category you will also find these types of components, but also check other subpages in our store!

Professional mounting elements and assembly parts for Raspberry Pi

If you are looking for the best assembly components and assembly tools for your Raspberry Pi, you couldn't have found a better place! In Botland you will find all the accessories you need. Check out the highest quality mounting elements for the Raspberry Pi available at low prices. Thanks to them, you can comfortably and safely increase the technical capabilities of your project and develop it with additional modules. Goldpin connectors - male and female - will allow you to create a large project without soldering. In addition to connectors, adapters and other elements, you can also buy good heat sinks and thermally conductive tapes that the processor of your Raspberry Pi Zero minicomputer will love. Find out about it now!