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Soldering mats

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Silicone soldering mat Velleman AS12 - 550x350mm

The anti-static, multifunctional mat facilitates all repair and soldering works. It has 5 magnetic areas in which you can keep small metal parts, such as screws, without...
Index: VEL-19459
Index: VEL-19459
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Silicone soldering mat 450x300mm

Silicone mat used mainly as a pad during soldering. The product has anti-electrostatic and anti-slip properties. Specially designed dividers make it easier to keep order in...
Index: DNG-19923
Index: DNG-19923
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Silicone soldering mat Velleman AS11 - 450x300mm

An anti-electrostatic, multifunctional mat to facilitate all repair work related to soldering. It has 3 magnetic areas where you can hold small metal parts, e.g. screws without...
Index: VEL-13886
Index: VEL-13886
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Silicone soldering mat Yihua - 440x310mm

Antistatic heat resistant multi-functional mat to facilitate all soldering repair work. It has 2 magnetic areas , 19 separate compartments for tools and parts. Additionally,...
Index: DLT-19423
Index: DLT-19423
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Silicone solder mats - properties

In this category are available mats manufactured exclusively by reputable companies with years of experience in the industry, including Velleman and Yihua. High-quality materials such as silicone, which was used during the production of mats, are distinguished by high resistance to mechanical damage. In addition, silicone soldering mats are flexible, so that after bending they immediately return to their original shape.

  • We offer ESD anti-electrostatic mats allowing safe work with, among others, circuits exposed to damage caused by electrostatic discharges.
  • Soldering accessories such as mats can also be equipped with magnetic areas. These allow the user to hold metal parts, such as screws and nuts, without the risk of losing them.

The non-slip properties mean that soldering mats can be used comfortably and above all safely on slippery surfaces. Even with intensive use, they retain their original properties for a long time. In addition, the material from which the mats are made is distinguished by its high resistance to dirt.

Soldering mats - applications

Soldering mats, due to their design, which facilitates organization of work and ensures resistance to high temperature (up to 500℃), are characterized by universal use. Even if you accidentally drop a hot flask, there is no risk of damaging the mat. For this reason, they can be successfully used for all soldering work, regardless of their type, type of soldering iron and soldering binder.

  • In this category, you can find silicone soldering mats equipped with containers allowing safe storage of small electronic components, without fear of losing them.
  • Mats for soldering are used both in professional electronic workshops as well as in home workshops of DIY enthusiasts.
  • They are perfect for work related to diagnostics, maintenance and repair of electronic and electrical devices.

Particularly noteworthy are also mats equipped with a special area for positioning the boards, which makes the work easier and faster. Other extras include a pad equipped with a ruler.

Silicone soldering mats - other information

In the assortment of our shop you can find, among other things, soldering mats equipped with places to store precise screwdrivers. This solution significantly speeds up work. Regardless of the type of surface, the mats guarantee stability and maintain their original position. Even if the mat is used in one place for a long time, there is no risk of it sticking to e.g. a workbench or desk. In this category, silicone soldering mats are available, characterized by different dimensions, number of pockets, magnetic areas, containers and tool holders. The wide selection of models makes it easy for everyone to match a particular one to the size of a workstation and other requirements related to the mat's construction or properties.